Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Remember Me?

I know I'm not worthy of having a blog and also that my unworthiness will only increase because I don't know if I'm commiting to this blog again or just feeling ready to write today.... Five months later.

I think I left off somewhere around a second Massachusetts visit, maybe? Everything is stable with Hero's grandma, which is a huge shock to everyone. The rest of the family is the same as they have always been.

Sky started school, and it is going fabulously. She is picking up so many new things. Her handwriting is mostly legible. She isn't reading, just copying, but I am fully impressed with that. She made a few friends, one whose name I am still unsure of. It's a great environment for her to be in. She really is thriving.

Moon is gaining independance. Finally. Her eczema is so much better these days. She is having a few behavioral difficulties that her doctor is thus far unconcerned with. Of course, I'm still concerned...

We are still here; still in Maryland's vast nothingness that has become home. Changes should be coming soon, and I'm not really sure how I feel about that. But all in all, all is well.