Monday, May 15, 2006
Massachusetts: Round Two

It went surprisingly well! Sure, there was the ever-feared surprise visit from the hatred-spewing father, but I came out just fine. David's grandma is doing well, considering. She looks happy. Alive, even. The irony in that... I probably shouldn't go there.

I'm a lazy, lazy blogger lately. Consider it a good thing, as it means I've been more than content. I'm learning and growing at a rather rapid pace. When it slows a little, I'm sure I'll be updating more often.

Some things to keep you busy:

--Myspace. Yes, myspace. I know it's a kid thing, but my friend introduced me and I'm hooked. How cool is it to be able to reunite with your old high-school and college buddies?

--TypeLogic. Great links, great info. If you're into that kind of thing (psycho analysis), that is. I am.

--PostSecret. This is one of those kick ass anonymous secret sharing sites. The people who submit their secrets do so on postcards which are posted once a week. They have some books published, also.

--FitDay Dieting? I should be. This site is simply wonderful for all the tracking of calories consumed/burned/foods eaten/excersize done/on and on. If you need structure, go here. If you are like me, on the other hand, and run away as fast as you can....well, it's probably not for you.

--Anxiety Culture. No words, just check it out.

--Freecycle. I always have to link to freecycle when I post random links. Because it's worth it.

So, that's it!

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