Saturday, April 29, 2006
Wait. Again.

I'm departing to Massachusetts again tomorrow. I really thought my blog would be....ummm....posted in before now. When I return, I promise more interesting material!

Things have been going well in life. A big tumble down the side of a mountain resulted in a hell of a hike back up. But the hike back up took place! And it's undeniable! And wonderful! And the view the second time around is so much better! Hero had a similar tumble, except he was only a few feet from the mountain base. He's still hiking though; not going to stop for anything. He's passing a lot of small, yet immensely significant trail markers along the way.

So, yeah. See you Thursday.

Sunday, April 16, 2006
Not Good.

As you may be able to tell, I've been on a little break. Hero's grandma has been fighting cancer that started in her breast for many, many years. It has come and gone, spreading from one place to another. Usually it is kept under control with the help of chemotherapy.

For about two years, the cancer has been spreading into Nana's major organs and bones. She was on chemo for so long that her insurance (medicare) refused to pay for the treatments saying that they "never heard of anyone being on chemo for over a year". I know absolutely nothing about chemo or health insurance policies, so I can't comment on that. Part of me thinks it is Nana's way of giving up without any family members giving her a hard time about it.

Nana went without chemo for about six months, and quickly deteriorated. She went in for her regular tests (bone scans and what-not) and found that the cancer is now in most of her kidneys, her neck, and the remaining breast. She has been back on chemo (one double dose/week) and her tests are showing that the cancer is spreading very rapidly still. Her doctors have informed her that she doesn't have much time left.

Although most of are trying to make this time as easy as possible for Nana, there are a few disgusting individuals who are not. This has caused many unnecessary problems that require outside attention on a regular basis. Hero, who was raised by Nana, has been taking on more than one person should ever have to from four hundred miles away (and even while we were there the drama continued.) It is very difficult for him, and I am doing all that I can to make it easier. That explains the sudden absence which will happen once again in about three weeks when we return to Massachusetts possibly the last time before Nana passes.

We are doing well for the time being, so it's back to regularly scheduled programming once again.