Sunday, March 12, 2006
Spring Cleaning!

We've had some beautiful weather here in Maryland! Friday surprised us with sixty degrees! I am not yet used to Spring in March, even though I've done this before. When the temperature got even warmer on Saturday, I decided to start cleaning out the garden.

As you can tell from Picture 1, it was quite messy. After the last annuals had gone to seed, I simply pulled out the dead stuff and left everything else be for the winter. If you look closely, you can see multiple matchbox cars thrown in by the neighborhood kids. I also found a fork, several crumpled up checks, and various doll heads/bodies/shoes.

Picture 2 shows the result after the end of day 1. Clean and weed-free!

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*PIC 1* *PIC2*

Pic 3 is of the front garden. Again, very messy! The greenery that you see coming up is mostly tulips. Also, there are two daylilly bushes and two irises who have made it through a snowfall and several freezes! The rest is weeds and grass, both which have grown over the wood that separates garden from front lawn.

Pic 4, another end of day 1 pic. It's cleaned out and weeded, but I still want to dig around the wood pieces and put some stone or something in there.
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*PIC 3* *PIC 4*

We're expecting a frost tonight, followed by a few days of chilly weather. When all that passes, I'll be sure to give updates as Spring Cleaning progresses!

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