Wednesday, March 29, 2006
And then...

More crap.

I've been sleeping with my CPAP for almost a week now. I'd like to say that I am sleeping better than ever before, but it just HASN'T HAPPENED. Last night I made it through the whole night without taking the mask off and flinging it across the room; a first! Instead, it was around my chin causing me general face pain and a slightly loose tooth for most of the day. The tooth found it's normal position and settled back in quite nicely. Since it seems the mask is getting closer and closer to an effective position, I'm not giving up yet.


My friend got married! Yay! I've known Kay since sixth grade. We were never friends until she and my (at the time) friend BigMeanie started dating many years later. That relationship eventually came to a violent end, but Kay and I were able to hold on to our friendship. Kay is the best auntie my girls have, and even though they don't see her that often, when they are together it is like they were never apart.

Kay started dating Rebecca two-ish years ago, and it was obvious from the beginning they were meant to be together. With my anxiety and trust issues, I usually require people to 'grow on me' for a few months, but Rebecca just instantly fit. She's awesome with my girls. She's also very kind, has good morals, and is just a generally kick ass person. I love her almost as much as I love Kay, and I've only met her in person a handful of times.

So, congratulations Kay and Rebecca! You both so deserve the happiness you bring each other!


Seventy-one degrees is my kind of weather. The girls and I spent most of the day today playing and gardening is the beautiful sun. The neighbors cooked on the grill and fed us all. It was perfect. The white tulips I planted last year are starting to bloom, but the daylillies got crushed by certain trampling kids whose names I will not mention. Tomorrow the forecast looks the same.

Blogger Paula460 had this to say:

where are you? I really miss you.
I hope you're sleeping better these nights...

9:40 AM EDT 

Anonymous Kristina had this to say:

How are you feeling? I miss your blogging.

1:30 PM EDT 

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