Saturday, February 25, 2006

I've found that writing all that family stuff is somewhat emotionally draining. Theraputic--I'm sure, but draining none the less. Because of all that, I thought I would post some interesting links that I've visited recently, in hopes of keeping things light.

This is a riot. Really, TRY IT! Make sure your volume is on--it helps. I can only get to level 4.

This is THE SINGLE MOST INTERESTING THING I've come across. Cool to see, excellent to read, and links to freeware. Also, if you follow the story you will eventually get to a part where you can test your self....for me it was a little disturbing.

And last, we have ARTPAD. After you draw, you can replay your drawing. It's fun to make little cartoons and watch them playback, also.

See, I'm feeling better already!


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