Friday, February 17, 2006
I have a sister! And a completed sleep study! And 100 posts! PART THREE (FINAL)

Last Monday night, I visited the hospital for my sleep study. I was excited to finally start getting results. I entered through the emergency room and someone led me upstairs to the clinic. It was beautiful.

The sleep clinic had bed linens that resembled those of a nicer hotel. The room was small yet nicely decorated. There were closets, extra pillows, full bathrooms, TV's, vcrs, and FREAKIN AWESOME beds in each room. The bed was amazing. It were so high that I (standing only 5'2") had to literally CLIMB UP onto it. The mattresses must've been quality because I've never felt anything like it. I was so comfortable there.

I arrived nice and late as I knew I would, and got comfortable. When I was ready, I went to see the tech to get hooked up. Here's the count:

Electrodes: 6 on scalp, 5 on face, 4 on neck, 2 on chest, 1 on each leg.

Oxygen meters: Nasal cannula, 2 metal prongs (one in nose, one under lower lip), Oxygen sat. taped to right arm, was allowed to "move onto a different finger when it starts to hurt"

Etc. meters: 2 belts to measure intensity of breathing, camera with night vision, big black box to keep wires in check, neat band to carry said box around neck, intercom so tech could hear me at all times.

Sleeping was hell. I must've slept in 40ish minute increments all night. Luckily, I "did what (I) needed to do, which not everyone does", although I have no idea what that means. I won't get results for another week or so, but I'm glad it is over.

The tech was great, BTW. He made me feel very comfortable, and made interesting conversation. Did you know he's been with his wife since they were fifteen? No? That's eighteen years, for the record. I love those stories because they give me hope for my own marriage. NOT that divorce is something I worry about personally, just statistically :)

At 5:00am, I was up for the day. I COULD-NOT-TAKE-ONE-MORE-SECOND of that torture. I can easily take 24 hrs of NO sleep, but broken sleep to me is much worse. As the tech and I were chatting, I noticed my nasal cannula was hanging around my neck. I mentioned it to the tech, afraid that it would affect my results. He laughed and told me that at approximately 4:00am, I rose from REM sleep, sat up in bed, yanked the tube out of my nose, laid back down, and fell immediately into a deep REM sleep again. Oops.

I noticed that I have posted 100 times. So, on average I blog every 3.5 days. 100 posts is reason enough for a lazy post, don't you think? My plan is to update my "100 Things" and post them tomorrow. How exciting?!

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