Monday, February 20, 2006
100 things updated for 2006

My computer contracted a virus that kicked its ass, therefore this post is rather late.

100 Things

Since almost everyone else has them, here they are: (Updated)
1. I married my high school sweetheart
2. Niether of us actually finished high school
3. We both got GEDs instead
4. At the time it seemed like a good idea because we could go to college and be half way through before our classmates graduated
5. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out as planned
6. I rented my first apartment when I was 16
7. I am 100% pro-choice
8. I am a Christian
9. I have over 50 fish, 2 cats, 4 toads, and a worm bin full of worms
10. I love to read
11. I get kinda depressed if my house isn't clean
12. I LOVE when my girls ask me "Why?" about everything, even if it is 1000 times a day
13. I have an anxiety disorder that used to limit my social interactions greatly, but now (with meds) is only occasionally noticable
14. I am still working in therapy on some family-related issues, and figuring out crazy sleep issues on the side.
15. I love to crochet! LOVE. TO. CROCHET. It is sooooo relaxing, and it's an awesome feeling to finish a project.
16. My grandma raised me until I was ten
17. Then I lived with my dad for about two years
18. At twelve, I was 'taken away' from my dad and lived in many residentials and foster homes until running away at 16
19. Being self-supporting at 16 is an awesome feeling
20. Being husband-reliant from 18 on is sometimes unsatisfying
21. Some people can decide who they love more (husband or kids), I don't think love comes in specific amounts
22. My favorite book is 1984.
23. I have undeniable cravings for the following series of mindless entertainment: Queer as Folk, House, the OC, and Lost.
24. We rent Queer as Folk and Lost in seasons on dvd, and will make a whole week worth of watching them. So we try not to ever notice magazine articles, etc. about those shows.
25. I love the Red Sox
26. I don't like going to the movie theater to see movies
27. I had a nervous breakdown last year (March 2004)
28. Hero was away for fourteen months (Sep. 03-Nov.04), so I've had experience in taking care of my girls alone for a little while
29. I lived in Maryland at the time, and didn't know anyone, so some days I would literally go without seeing another adult.....It was difficult.
30. I only have three friends that I consider really close friends
31. I lived in Italy with my husband for 3 months. He lived there for 9 months.
32. Since my husband got stationed in Maryland I am happier than I have ever been
33. My husband got tuberculosis while he was in Italy
34. He also got tendonitis and gout, and had a seizure
35. That may be part of the reason why I don't like Italy
36. I "experimented" with drugs for quite a few years, (before kids) and mastered "escapism".
37. I am healthy, but overweight
38. I smoke, and have tried to quit several times this year
39. I have been pregnant three times
40. All of my pregnancies were accidents, but only one of them was because I was careless.
41. I got pregnant on the pill with my oldest
42. I got pregnant with my second while breastfeeding (after my doctor told me there was no chance of me getting pregnant while breastfeeding until I got a period)
43. My girls are a year and 3 days apart
44. I miscarried my third pregnancy
45. I was only 5 weeks and 6 days along
46. My favorite food is anything spicy, esp. romaine and spinach salad with spicy turkey chunks and jalepenos! And quesadillas with cheese, extra thin tomato and jalepenos, and "spicy sauce"--similar to buffalo sauce. Yum.
47. I don't usually drink water and I hate fruit juice
49. When my husband left for basic training I lost 40 lbs (in 11 weeks)
50. When we were finally living together again I gained it all back
51. I am afraid of doctors, and recently got brave enough to make an appointment
52. But hadn't gone in five years before that
53. I have a Boston accent
54. I was supposed to get my tonsils removed seven years ago but keep blowing it off
55. I have one best-friend who knows me better than I know myself. And vice-versa.
56. If I had my choice, I would continue to live on the east coast for the rest of my life
57. I like to garden. It is a wonderful excuse to play in the dirt
58. I never made more than two ounces of milk a day in the twelve weeks I breastfed
59. Which is why I get mad when I hear statements such as "Every woman can breastfeed"
60. If that were true, couldn't every woman get pregnant? Carry a child to term?
61. I am very happy in my marriage
62. And very happy with my 'career' (stay-at-home-mom)
63. I don't think being a working mother means your children are raised by someone else
64. And I don't think one is harder than the other
65. I often rush to judge people
66. And often feel like an ass because of it
67. I've had three jobs: Assistant manager of a video store, telemarketer, and CNA
68. I did the assistant manager thing the longest-- two years, and the telemarketing only lasted a month
69. I found out I was pregnant with my second when I felt her kicking
70. I love being outside in the summer
71. I am not very fond of snow or cold weather
72. I got my license when I was 18
73. But I drove without a license for about four years before that, and now realize how dangerous that could've been to everyone else on the road
74. For the short time I dated, I dated older guys
75. Except my husband, who is two months younger than me
76. I've lived in Massachusetts, Maryland, and Vicenza, Italy.
77. I never cared what other people thought of me
78. Because I always knew I was the best ;)
79. Little things amaze me, like the postal service, the sky at night, and the things that come out of my children's mouths
80. Like when I said "You don't have any C-A-N-D-Y out where they can get it, do you?" to my neighbor....and Sky said "I want C-F-D-A-for apple-CANDY!"
81. Or when Moon, with her mind waaaayyyy out there, unknowingly scratching her ankles, finally snaps back into reality and sings "Scratchy no scratching, scratchy no scratching" to herself, yells at her hand "Bad hand....time out", and then kisses it better.
82. Or when they sing songs together...."Rosey, Rosey, Rosey, Rosey, Rosey, Rosey, ashes, ashes, rosandweey all fall down!" Thats what it sounds like to me, anyway.
83. My favorite movie of all time is Clockwork Orange
84. The runners up are: Magnolia, Dark City, Flatliners, American History X, Clerks, Brainscan, The life of David Gale, and Crash (the new one, not at all related to the earlier movie with the same title)
85. I still love both dark blue and black nail polish, even though they went out roughly ten years ago.
86. My husband is a video gamer
87. I have a brother and a half sister. My half sister is 13 and we just established contact.
88. My husband has a brother, a sister, and a half sister
89. His half sister is only eighteen months old, which means that my girls have an aunt who is younger than them
90. My husband's mother and my father are in a relationship
91. Which isn't technically insest. And we were married for years before they even met
92. But it still is disgusting, and even more so since they are the two most selfish people in the world
93. I second guess myself all the time and want to stop
94. I can't get into country music even if I try to force myself to like it
95. I have six holes in each ear and a labret hole
96. I got promoted twice (from sophmore to senior) before I dropped out
97. So I like to blame the stress
98. I used to be smart, what the hell happened?
99. I love tattoos and stories about what they represent to the people who wear them
100. I love lifeSo there you have it, 100 useless facts about me

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it's so good getting to know more about you, magnolia! I feel like I've known ya forever! I was just thinking the other day (as I was driving the 30 min. drive to the nearest Dunkin Donuts) about one of the first posts I read on your blog about DD coffee. LOL I remember leaving a comment and telling you what my regular DD order was/is. :)

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