Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Getting back into the swing of things

It's very difficult for me to try to blog--at all--after such a long absence. I feel like I should be writing something a lot less trivial than the minor details of my last few weeks. At the least, something slightly interesting.

There was a big semi-secretive investigation going on. One of the other wives was growing and possibly selling drugs out of her house. I was wrapped up in the middle of that for a few days. How I got involved: J of course! I was not too happy.

Sky, my beautiful almost four-year old, was very sick for a while. Her fever reached 104 degrees and stayed there for most of a two-day period. We had a nice visit at the hospital, where we all suddenly realized that Motrin takes her fever down very quickly, where as Tylenol is pretty useless at the same. She has since recovered from her virus and is back to her usual self. Since Sky is so super healthy all of the time, this was pretty scary. This was the first (and hopefully last) fever I've seen that high.

News of my father's current living arrangements have came to me through the 'grapevine'. Apparently, his new space has a 6'x6' bed--not made for sleeping in--, four wheels and a door on each side. At least when you hit rock bottom you can't get any lower. Oh, wait...yes you can! This space is shared by David's mom! And he got evicted again! Only this time, it was from a hospital parking lot!

I have to see a doctor this week for my 'narcolepsy', as dear therapist calls it. It has suddenly come again, and I am being treated with melatonin (over the counter, because it is not yet FDA approved). Hopefully, this doctor will agree with my theory about taking a stimulant during the day instead of just freaking sleeping pills that leave me dizzy and not-quite-with-it.

Updates will be coming soon after I see this doctor on Thursday.

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Blogger Heidi had this to say:

glad to see you are getting back into the swing again, magnolia!

I am sorry to hear about Sky being sick, the drug investigation situation, your Dad's new home, and the return of your narcolepsy.

hang in there, hon! I am thinking of you and wishing you better days ahead.

11:20 AM EST 

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