Thursday, December 01, 2005
So busy.

Things have been crazy lately, with the getting ready for Christmas and all. My neighbors put up a tree. As a result, Sky whined about a tree until I gave in and put one up. Now, three days later, there are ornaments under beds and in random drawers.

Hero is on leave (vacation) as of Monday. We are heading to Massachusetts immediately after he signs out and staying until Wednesday night. These official dates were made today, so I need to get packing. We have a barrage of things to do when we return, filling our schedule completely up for the next week and a half. Fun times!

Speaking of Hero, he had his first interview for this *secret* job today. Apparently things went really well. They want him in for a second and third interview in about three months. Since this is such a secret job, every step has to take a million years. Luckily the second and third interview are being combined, because he's so hot, and will "only take about five hours, but request the whole day off just in case". I am freakin proud of him but so scared at the same time. The interview guy he met with accidentally left his prompting sheet in with Hero's paperwork. It was scary.

I've been ordering fabric because I am going to give the girls room an extreme makeover for their birthdays. Now it is just sitting. In a pile. Getting covered in cat hair. Because I am currently crocheting my young, fragile, fat fingers away to make gifts for the neigbor's fetus and some random relatives. And the gifts we are bringing to Ma. with us aren't wrapped. I better get started soon!

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