Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Holiday song.

The street lights come on earlier
When the days get shorter
Your with your mother-in-law
and want to hurt her

Just remember its the holidays!

You had pneumonia but you thought
it was just the flu
And the turkey that your cooking
is looking very blue

Just remember its the holidays!

You look like your on speed the day after
You spent three weeks in bed
And the alcohol on grandpa's breath
Is going straight to your head

Just remember its the holidays!

Your best friend ditched you for some drugs
of different varieties
Now she's pissing away
all her hard earned sobriety

Just remember its the holidays!

Santa brought the kids makeup
And now its a stain on the wall
Walking down an icy driveway,
on your ass you did fall
There were three broken bulbs
Fuck 'deck the halls'
And your cellphone says you have
twelve missed calls

God, I hate the holidays!

But you didn't get drunk, slit your wrists,
or hang yourself, or...
Take the bottle of pills
thats been sitting on the shelf

I can't believe I made it through the holiiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaays!

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Blogger Heidi had this to say:

wow, magnolia. did you write that song?

if not, I am laughing. if so, I am so very sorry!

I hope this song doesn't totally represent your holiday, and if it does, I'm sorry to hear that.

Happy 2006!

10:46 PM EST 

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