Wednesday, November 16, 2005

(The cultivation of worms to break down waste)

I have recently (like two days ago) started composting with the help of my new friends, the red worms. I have always been very interested in composting in general, but since we only live in the same place for so long, I have never done anything besides thrown vegetable waste into a pile outside. I have been checking out this site, (freakin love it) and I came across an article on vermiculture. Not only that but I learned that vermiculture can be done.....INDOORS!!! So I made a lovely little worm habitat, got some worms in it, and the fun began.

Hopefully the benefits of composting with my little friends will be many including: free food for the toads as the worms reproduce, compost as a soil additive for my gardens, worm castings as a fertilizer for my indoor plants, and the obvious getting rid of that food-waste without throwing it away.

Since I'm very new at this, I've been checking in with my wormy friends frequently. (I don't care if I'm a geek, it's exciting) So far they don't seem to be doing much eating. I fed them broccoli. Yum. I was under the impression that red worms would eat their weight in food in a 24 hour period. Maybe I was off on the weight of the I ordered another half a pound of them. They should be here next week. Yay.

The bad thing about saving all our food waste is that you begin to notice how much there is. A lot. I was assuming that I would have enough worms for two people, not including the kids. As it turns out, the kids produce the most waste. Crackers here, bread crusts there, unfinished adds up. A lot. Since I expected to be feeding the worms a lot more, I collected over the course of the day (minus animal products) and was shocked when I started my second tupperware-bowl full. I'm going to pay much more attention to how much we waste from now on.

To change the subject, my Hero is on duty tonight (that's the 24 hour shift), so I'm taking advantage of my sleeplessness. I didn't take my sleep meds at all because I actually want to stay up late tonight :)

And lastly, anyone who uses baby powder or cornstarch for themselves, their kids, whoever, should go out and buy the 'Huggies Liquid Powder' RIGHT NOW if they haven't tried it yet. It is wonderful. If you rub it in real well, it makes skin soooo smooth. If you rub it in too well, it crusts and covers your hands in moist yet solid goo. Liquid powder, like ooblack, in a way. Anyone remember ooblack?

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