Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Retention and things

It's been busy around here. Hero got called by retention a week (maybe more..can't really remember) ago. Since then, I've been doing a whole lot of worrying as he has been doing a whole lot of research on what MOS he wants to switch to. I ask him everyday why he wont just stay as a mechanic. To that he has no answer.

So it looks like he's staying in the Army for another contract. I don't especially mind that, I'm just worried about which MOS he will pick. The ones he's attracted to just happen to be the scariest ones to me. Unfortunately, I can't be specific....

The girls had a BLAST on Halloween. Sky walked around the whole night saying "This is the best Halloween EVER." Every house or so. Hero, J, and I took the neighbor's kids with us. They all were so well behaved it was amazing. I get excited about little things like staying on the walk (not running through the front yard) and hearing all the kids say thank you. I really was impressed. When we got home, Hero and I checked all the candy, and Hero proceeded to take everyone's Reese's away for himself. For that I am not so impressed. My girls were both Carebears (pink and blue) and the neighbors were a bumble bee and an elephant.

Did I mention that my cellphone broke? No? See, my kids ripped it in two. (It was a flip phone) The funny thing about that is the detached screen no longer works, but the keypad still lights up. I figured it was unable to be used, so I let my girls play with it for a while so they would let me speak with my neighbor. Cut to today when my husband's cell phone got shut off. $238 later, we figured out that my phone had been online the whole time, and they will not wave the charges. I'll never do that again.

Hero and I got our last tattoos for a while three days ago. I don't know what the hell is going on, but mine is still leaking ink. The color doesn't look like it's fading, but there is litterally ink oozing from the scabs almost constantly. (Hope that wasn't TMI) I have three other tattoos, none of which healed like this, and I'm kind of worried.

And that's about all that's new here.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

glad to hear your family had a happy Halloween!

I'm curious about your tattoo's! Care to describe them or maybe post a pic? I am too big of a baby to get one... I got my tongue pierced once, but no tats. plus, it's so permanent, and I am so fickle. I'd be sick of my tattoo in a month or so, I just know it. anyway, I hope it's healing better now.

8:02 PM EST 

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