Friday, November 18, 2005
Indoor plants and a wisdom tooth.

My golden pothos is dying. It all started when one bad kitty knocked it over and out of it's pot. I took the opportunity to repot it at that time by splitting it in two and potting them seperately. I don't think it likes me anymore.

My spider plant was repotted too. See when I get into something, I dive in head first and work until I feel satisfied. The spider plant, on the other hand, is doing really well and shooting out lots of little babies. That makes me wonder if the pothos is dying because of the inital fall, and not my attempt at repotting.

I have a wisdom tooth ripping my poor gum. The two upper wisdom teeth both ripped through when I was roughly eighteen or so. I was told the bottom two would have to be pulled because they were impacted or something. Well, around the age of twenty, they too started coming in. It was very painful, and they seem to be either backwards (like 180 degrees) or slanted or something, and only little peices of them came up. Over the years more and more came, and at this point about half of one and a quarter of the other is through. It's been like this for a while, so I figured that was all that was going to come. Unfortunately the other side of one is now making its way out, and killing me in the process. I have some maximum strength orajel that I purchased when I peirced my labret that I have been using. It is just not working. Yuck.

The wormies are finally eating! I am so exited! Because I am a loser! And don't have much better to do than play with worms!

Oh, and I beat my husband up in my sleep last night. I've always hit in my sleep, but this time must have been pretty bad because Hero was mad practically all day. I apologized up and down, and told him about my dream (where I was fighting my ex-boyfriend so he'd get off of me?!), but I don't think that's enough. He takes so much from me....I don't know if I'd get over it as fast if he was the one beating me while asleep. I'm going to try to figure out how to control this in therapy, but I'm sure it will be difficult, seeing that it only happens when I'm SLEEPING and all. And it's random--certainly not every night, or we'd be sleeping separately by now.

Blogger Jaden had this to say:

My dh gets mad because I steal all the blankets in my sleep. I am asleep! I can't control it! Hitting is a little worse, though. I still don't think you can control it. *Jaden

12:52 AM EST 

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