Saturday, November 05, 2005
Hello out there

Hello to my new Massachusetts readers. Feel free to leave some love.

And to thanks for my new google hits:

--pics of tattoed teenage girls

--grandma incest

--military spousal abuse

and the rest of the less interesting ones as well.

I am in the process of a house reorganizational weekend. We had two fish die, which made room for a big shifting of the fish from four tanks down to two. Then I agreed to house four of the toads in one of the empty tanks inside, as opposed to the tank outside. Reaserch shows that American toads can live up to fifteen years this way......

The bathroom got demolished and turned into something of pure beauty. The laundry room is under construction at present. The rest of the house will be saved for the remainder of the weekend. No dust will go un-dusted. No sticky gob of whatever-it-is under the left-front leg of the couch will go un-stickied. Watch out!

I convinced myself that I didn't need sleep meds anymore. This is the first night off, and already it is impossible not to see my error. I can't sleep, not that that is news.

I can't help but feel that time has somehow passed by without me living through it. It's NOVEMBER? It seemed like yesterday when we were all playing in the mud and shedding our winter coats. It amazes me that time seems to go by so quickly when life is going well. A year and a half ago, four hours felt like an eternity. I would literally count the hours until I could go to sleep. Now, time is passing by so fast.... I'm glad that I will always have these wonderful memories. This summer was especially good. The memories will last, at least.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

when you finish getting your house in order, will ya come do mine? ;)

seriously, doesn't it feel freakin' awesome to get your house really clean and neat? (even if it only lasts for 5 minutes until the munchkins go on destructo mode...) LOL

I'm right with ya on the time warp thing. Time seems to soar by when things are going smoothly. Hit a rough spot and it's like watching paint dry.

I hope the cleaning wears you out so you can rest.

7:58 PM EST 

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