Thursday, November 24, 2005
I don't normally post pics of my kids online...

Wow, I had a whole post.... a meme even.... and it all got eaten.


So for now, just Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20, 2005
AHHHHH! Holidays!

I hate when this time of year rolls around. Phone calls from family members I haven't heard from in a year start rolling in. They all seem to want to make big plans as I uncomfortably make excuses of why we can't see them through.

For Thanksgiving, we are staying home thank-you-very-much. I am going to clean as if we were having company, cook my ass off, then laze around and watch movies. Just the way I like it. Maybe I'm a totally stereotypical stay-at-home-mom for saying this, but cooking and cleaning are my favorite things to do.

I'm starting to get a little anxious. I don't know if it's this time of year or that my family keeps bringing up stuff about my dad. I know when it's only 5 pm and I'm ready to tell everyone to go to bed something has got to be wrong. Planning a trip to Massachusetts is probably adding to my anxiety also.

Massachusetts! That's probably going to be early December. We're only going to stay a few days as usual. That's if Hero's leave gets approved, which it should. I hope it doesn't rain (or snow!) the whole trip so I can get some beach time in. I think the weather will be a shock to my Marylandized system.

So that's about it. I'm going off to try and find some good fall/winter crafts to do with the keep my mind off of things.

Friday, November 18, 2005
Indoor plants and a wisdom tooth.

My golden pothos is dying. It all started when one bad kitty knocked it over and out of it's pot. I took the opportunity to repot it at that time by splitting it in two and potting them seperately. I don't think it likes me anymore.

My spider plant was repotted too. See when I get into something, I dive in head first and work until I feel satisfied. The spider plant, on the other hand, is doing really well and shooting out lots of little babies. That makes me wonder if the pothos is dying because of the inital fall, and not my attempt at repotting.

I have a wisdom tooth ripping my poor gum. The two upper wisdom teeth both ripped through when I was roughly eighteen or so. I was told the bottom two would have to be pulled because they were impacted or something. Well, around the age of twenty, they too started coming in. It was very painful, and they seem to be either backwards (like 180 degrees) or slanted or something, and only little peices of them came up. Over the years more and more came, and at this point about half of one and a quarter of the other is through. It's been like this for a while, so I figured that was all that was going to come. Unfortunately the other side of one is now making its way out, and killing me in the process. I have some maximum strength orajel that I purchased when I peirced my labret that I have been using. It is just not working. Yuck.

The wormies are finally eating! I am so exited! Because I am a loser! And don't have much better to do than play with worms!

Oh, and I beat my husband up in my sleep last night. I've always hit in my sleep, but this time must have been pretty bad because Hero was mad practically all day. I apologized up and down, and told him about my dream (where I was fighting my ex-boyfriend so he'd get off of me?!), but I don't think that's enough. He takes so much from me....I don't know if I'd get over it as fast if he was the one beating me while asleep. I'm going to try to figure out how to control this in therapy, but I'm sure it will be difficult, seeing that it only happens when I'm SLEEPING and all. And it's random--certainly not every night, or we'd be sleeping separately by now.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

(The cultivation of worms to break down waste)

I have recently (like two days ago) started composting with the help of my new friends, the red worms. I have always been very interested in composting in general, but since we only live in the same place for so long, I have never done anything besides thrown vegetable waste into a pile outside. I have been checking out this site, (freakin love it) and I came across an article on vermiculture. Not only that but I learned that vermiculture can be done.....INDOORS!!! So I made a lovely little worm habitat, got some worms in it, and the fun began.

Hopefully the benefits of composting with my little friends will be many including: free food for the toads as the worms reproduce, compost as a soil additive for my gardens, worm castings as a fertilizer for my indoor plants, and the obvious getting rid of that food-waste without throwing it away.

Since I'm very new at this, I've been checking in with my wormy friends frequently. (I don't care if I'm a geek, it's exciting) So far they don't seem to be doing much eating. I fed them broccoli. Yum. I was under the impression that red worms would eat their weight in food in a 24 hour period. Maybe I was off on the weight of the I ordered another half a pound of them. They should be here next week. Yay.

The bad thing about saving all our food waste is that you begin to notice how much there is. A lot. I was assuming that I would have enough worms for two people, not including the kids. As it turns out, the kids produce the most waste. Crackers here, bread crusts there, unfinished adds up. A lot. Since I expected to be feeding the worms a lot more, I collected over the course of the day (minus animal products) and was shocked when I started my second tupperware-bowl full. I'm going to pay much more attention to how much we waste from now on.

To change the subject, my Hero is on duty tonight (that's the 24 hour shift), so I'm taking advantage of my sleeplessness. I didn't take my sleep meds at all because I actually want to stay up late tonight :)

And lastly, anyone who uses baby powder or cornstarch for themselves, their kids, whoever, should go out and buy the 'Huggies Liquid Powder' RIGHT NOW if they haven't tried it yet. It is wonderful. If you rub it in real well, it makes skin soooo smooth. If you rub it in too well, it crusts and covers your hands in moist yet solid goo. Liquid powder, like ooblack, in a way. Anyone remember ooblack?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Moon, my little handful of a child, had me at my wits end today.

My neighbor came over with her kids. It was very warm today so we took the kids outside to play. They all played nicely for a while, and shook the remaining leaves off of Lisa's tree. Some other kids a house away came out and started raking leaves. Moon took off.

Keep in mind that I'm a 'barefooter'. I'm not a true barefooter, but I go barefoot much more often than I wear shoes. Now, I'm chasing her as fast as I can go, which isn't very fast with the rocks and what not. She's running towards the kids with the rakes. There she goes......and she jumps right into the pile of leaves and throws them around everywhere. By the time I got her out of the leaves, the pile was indistinguishable.

I took Moon back over to where we were playing, and she screamed the whole way. I let go of her to pick up my cell phone and the bowls and plates we had brought out for the kids to eat snacks on.

And she did it again. So there I go, chasing her, and she got there just before I did, so this time she didn't destroy that much. This time I put her in time out before I gathered the plates and miscellaneous toys. I got Sky, said our goodbyes, and went in. I let Moon out of time out, yet she continued to scream. She was saying something, but I couldn't understand. And she kept screaming.

And screaming.

And screaming.

Almost ten minutes had gone by before I could figure out what she was whining/screaming for.

"Mama you took my leaves away and I want them back. RIGHT. NOW." She continued screaming.

So I brought a few leaves inside, which she tore to shreds while I was working on dinner. And then I vacuumed. Again.

While I was vacuuming up the leaves, Moon went into the bathroom and splashed water all over the floor. So I cleaned the bathroom floor. Again.

It went on like this until Hero came home, at which point I went into my room to hide for a while. On the way there I asked him if he could just get the food out of the oven when it beeped and serve the kids and himself, to which he replied....

"I feel like I do all the work around here"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!! So I just kept walking because at that point I didn't care.

**Hero's not really a big asshole usually, it turns out he had a very hard day at work, topped off with a five mile run scheduled for 4:45am tomorrow, followed by his first set of ASE tests which will get over just in time for him to watch the kids while I go to the Dr, and then return him to duty where he will be until 7:30 am Thursday.***

Monday, November 07, 2005
My tattoos.....

Here are photos of my tattoos. It was impossible to take some of these pics myself, so blame Hero (David) for the blurriness. He isn't very good at taking pictures

^This was my first tattoo. I got it because my husband got my name on his neck years before, and I decided it was time to 'return the favor'. As a teen, I had a dream of the many tattoos I would eventually get. After I got this and realized the process was practically painless, I started making that dream a reality. It is located on the back of my neck, the blotch above it is hair. Yeah.

Excuse my tiny fat fingers. They run in our family. My grandma likes to say they come from royalty, as in "Do you think the queen ever worked with her hands? That's why our fingers are so fat. They come from the queen's side." I have never asked which queen, as I know this is all in her head. Anyway, this is not the same tattoo that Janis Joplin had. Soooo many people have asked me that so I thought I'd put it out there. You can't tell from the pic, but this was done all in deep-deep purple.

Here are two pics of my moon. She is on my right forearm. The first pic was taken about three hours after it was done, hence the redness and the puffy-scabby look. The second pic was taken just now. It's hard to take pics with one hand. The blank spots (around the entire inside of the outline and in the cheek) were supposed to be colored white, but I don't particularly like white, especially in tattoos.

This is my sun, my newest addition. Doesn't she look so angry? I love her. She is located on the front of my right arm, and if you look close you can where she is in relation to the moon. As you can see, she is not healed totally. There is actually a lot more orange than you can see from this pic. It outlines the outside of her face, her 'makeup' spots, and the tips of all the rays. Her eyes and 'dot' are like an aqua color, and her lips, eyelashes, and eyebrows are deep purple. My 'artist-for-this-one', Ernie, and I manipulated the original outline to make her a lot more simple than she originally was. We completely changed her colors, and the arrangement of the colors. We took out the extra lines that defined her face and a few of the squished looking rays. I love that he knew what I wanted without much explaining, didn't try to convince me his way was better (although he did EXPRESS that), and gave me a freakin deal. I will be seeing him again.

There is space for two more big tattoos on my right arm, and I plan to fill that space with the earth and saturn. The earth will be about the size of the sun, and fill the space between the sun and the moon on the side where there is space left. Saturn will be smaller, slightly smaller than the moon. It will be below the moon and off to the side, almost parallel to the sun. That will connect all the objects together. The earth will be female, and saturn will not have a face.

I will then gradually add these 'orbs' which will fill the small spots that are left, and will represent the plainer planets. The orbs are super expensive. They are about the size of a quarter (maybe a tiny bit bigger). They have images of sunsets inside, all different from one another, and will almost look like they glow. I priced them when I got my first tattoo because I loved them so much. It's hard to explain how they look, but I will try to find a similar pic online and post it.

After my lower arm is finished, I am getting the girls' names. I'm thinking from the base of my neck down toward my shoulder. Once again, it's hard to explain. Those will probably be my last tattoos.

Saturday, November 05, 2005
Hello out there

Hello to my new Massachusetts readers. Feel free to leave some love.

And to thanks for my new google hits:

--pics of tattoed teenage girls

--grandma incest

--military spousal abuse

and the rest of the less interesting ones as well.

I am in the process of a house reorganizational weekend. We had two fish die, which made room for a big shifting of the fish from four tanks down to two. Then I agreed to house four of the toads in one of the empty tanks inside, as opposed to the tank outside. Reaserch shows that American toads can live up to fifteen years this way......

The bathroom got demolished and turned into something of pure beauty. The laundry room is under construction at present. The rest of the house will be saved for the remainder of the weekend. No dust will go un-dusted. No sticky gob of whatever-it-is under the left-front leg of the couch will go un-stickied. Watch out!

I convinced myself that I didn't need sleep meds anymore. This is the first night off, and already it is impossible not to see my error. I can't sleep, not that that is news.

I can't help but feel that time has somehow passed by without me living through it. It's NOVEMBER? It seemed like yesterday when we were all playing in the mud and shedding our winter coats. It amazes me that time seems to go by so quickly when life is going well. A year and a half ago, four hours felt like an eternity. I would literally count the hours until I could go to sleep. Now, time is passing by so fast.... I'm glad that I will always have these wonderful memories. This summer was especially good. The memories will last, at least.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005
Retention and things

It's been busy around here. Hero got called by retention a week (maybe more..can't really remember) ago. Since then, I've been doing a whole lot of worrying as he has been doing a whole lot of research on what MOS he wants to switch to. I ask him everyday why he wont just stay as a mechanic. To that he has no answer.

So it looks like he's staying in the Army for another contract. I don't especially mind that, I'm just worried about which MOS he will pick. The ones he's attracted to just happen to be the scariest ones to me. Unfortunately, I can't be specific....

The girls had a BLAST on Halloween. Sky walked around the whole night saying "This is the best Halloween EVER." Every house or so. Hero, J, and I took the neighbor's kids with us. They all were so well behaved it was amazing. I get excited about little things like staying on the walk (not running through the front yard) and hearing all the kids say thank you. I really was impressed. When we got home, Hero and I checked all the candy, and Hero proceeded to take everyone's Reese's away for himself. For that I am not so impressed. My girls were both Carebears (pink and blue) and the neighbors were a bumble bee and an elephant.

Did I mention that my cellphone broke? No? See, my kids ripped it in two. (It was a flip phone) The funny thing about that is the detached screen no longer works, but the keypad still lights up. I figured it was unable to be used, so I let my girls play with it for a while so they would let me speak with my neighbor. Cut to today when my husband's cell phone got shut off. $238 later, we figured out that my phone had been online the whole time, and they will not wave the charges. I'll never do that again.

Hero and I got our last tattoos for a while three days ago. I don't know what the hell is going on, but mine is still leaking ink. The color doesn't look like it's fading, but there is litterally ink oozing from the scabs almost constantly. (Hope that wasn't TMI) I have three other tattoos, none of which healed like this, and I'm kind of worried.

And that's about all that's new here.