Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Today sucks.

My mind is totally running around in circles. I can't quite tell if I'm coming or going. Hero is involved in another incident at work that doesn't involve HIM per se, just what he witnessed. It's really stressful for him to have to be interrogated about something that he saw over and over again. I have a hard time not getting stressed when Hero is, mostly because he is usually the stable one.

J and I went out for coffee, it was wonderfully. It's so funny how we can immediately go back to being bf again without any kind of transitional phase. She's still not in a sober house which has me worried.

I was "babysitting" a friend's two children today. My kids were playing in some water that was in the empty sandbox (didn't even cover the bottom), as it was hot today. With no word, the mother of these kids disappeared. I took responsibility for them (they are very, very young), and they played in the water with my girls. When the mother came back (20 mins. later), she screamed for the two year old to come over to her. He did, and he got a rather intense spanking for getting his shoes wet. I explained to her that it was my fault, as I didn't tell them they couldn't play in the water. She didn't care, but I feel really, really bad... Wont do that again.

Hero's mother called him. It was as good as any conversation with a sociopath could be. I guess.

I have a headache that has been here for almost a full 48 hours. And I can't sleep.

Hoping for better days.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

I had alot of catching up to do with reading your posts, magnolia, but I am totally caught up now. I am so sorry to hear about what happened while J was staying with you. I'm glad you discussed it in therapy and have gained some perspective about your relationship with her. You are such a great friend! I'm so glad to hear you were able to meet her for coffee and things were good again. I hope she gets into a sober house soon. I'm sorry to hear about Hero's stress at work. I hope that is resolved soon. Yay about the Dunkin Donuts opening near you! I can't find one single Dunkin Donuts here in the Cincy area!!!! :( I miss DD! Hope you get some rest this weekend and feel better soon.

2:17 PM EDT 

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