Saturday, September 10, 2005
Much deserved boring update

Hero got his promotion a few days back! Yay! I love promotions. This is an automatic promotion, so it's not like he had to work at it or anything ;)

My good neighbors, Lisa and Greg, will be coming back from their vacation next week. I'll finally have someone to play with during the day. I've been all alone since my friend left on August first, and my upstairs neighbor left a week ago.

My bad neighbors are leaving for nine days. I love when they leave because I don't have to worry about having to listen to them! Yay again!

I can't sleep as usual. It is 2:50 am at this very moment and I'm exhausted! You would think being tired is like the key to sleep, right? I only wish. I will be getting more powerful sleep meds at my next psychiatrist visit.

Because I'm a teenager (hahahahaha), I watch The OC. I really do, go ahead make fun. Anyway, the new season started and I am so excited. I FEEL like a teenager again when I watch that show. I think I'm so addicted to it because it's how I wished my youth was--the supportive guardian thing anyway. I was more like an Alex though, with all that responsibility and the fuck 'em all attitude. And the guess-who's-in-my-house-today thing. I wonder if she'll be back this season?

FALL IS COMING!!! One night it went down to fifty-five degrees. It was freezing. Two days this week we are supposed to have a high of eighty-one. Beautiful. I can't wait!

Therapy was.....umm.... uneventful. Since my 'episode' with all the 'pain' and 'fear' and 'disassociation', I've been trying really hard to keep the focus on what is new this week without ever touching how I feel. I know it's probably not beneficial but it's what I can manage right now. I'm still going to all my appointments, so what if I ask multiple questions about my therapists son to avoid talking about myself for the first thirty minutes? And about her other clients for the last thirty? I'll get back on track soon, and besides, I'm having a pretty freakin good week. I don't want to risk messing it up.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

Yay!!! for Hero's promotion! LOL @ "it's not like he had to work at it or anything ;)"

Sorry to hear about the sleep loss. Hope the new prescription helps.

I don't watch the OC, but I have been returning to a few guilty pleasures like watching soap operas. I watch Days of Our Lives and General Hospital. I just started watching them again this past week. I haven't watched them for over a year, and here I am, watching them again... It sounds kinda sick to say this, but I think I started watching them again b/c it's like visiting an old friend. Nothing has changed. And since we moved, I must be looking for familiar things to surround myself with until I get comfortable here. (listen to me, analyzing myself like I know what I'm talking about... LOL) Anyway, we all have our guilty pleasures with tv, and if the OC is your's, you go girl! ;) You'll get around to talking to your therapist about those difficult topics when you are ready. It's good that she isn't pushing you too hard to go there when you aren't ready yet. been thinking about ya even tho I haven't been blogging much lately. hope you get some sleep this week!

6:49 PM EDT 

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