Saturday, September 03, 2005
Maryland is my home.

I'm home again.

The visit to Massachusetts was wonderful, full of good friends and family. The girls and I had a surprisingly great time. The weather was rainy and sticky, but it could not change the overwhelming love that I felt the whole time I was there.
We got in to my grandma's early Monday morning and visited for the day. My bff J came over and we got Marylou's coffee and just relaxed. We ended with movies and Chinese food and Grandma's stories of her youth. Sky fell asleep easily, Moon stayed up almost all night. I had to hold her so she wouldn't wake up so I didn't get much sleep.

Tuesday I was very much sleep deprived and I left early in the morning to meet Hero's grandma. We took a trip to Cape Cod to visit Hero's cousin and her son (who is Moon's age). The kids all played together and watched Spongebob while us ladies bonded over troublesome men, contraception, periods, pregnancy, child rearing, and miscarriage which all applied to all of us at some point. I left in amazingly good spirits to go see Hero's dad, stepmom, and sisters. Hero's sister is sixteen so we only saw her for a few minutes between life altering phone calls. His half-sister just turned one and is just learning to crawl around and get into stuff. Around dinner time I headed back to Grandma's to meet J, GOT A BABYSITTER (my uncle--who I only had to pay in coffee) and went to go get coffee and dinner for everyone. When I returned to Grandma's, brother was PLAYING NICELY WITH MY KIDS. He then took a shower and left and we wrapped the night up. Moon slept better but still not so well.

Wednesday I again left my children with my uncle and went for coffee with J. We ran some other miscellaneous errands and returned to visit with Grandma and Uncle until blast off time. I cleaned Grandma's house and got together two trashbags full of clothes to get rid of. After that was over, I packed and fed the kids. We said our goodbyes and left around 8:00 pm.

Ten minutes later I was driving back to get my phone charger, we said goodbye again and I left.

Twenty minutes later I was driving back to get my can full of decent Massachusetts worms (don't ask). We did byes again and left. I stopped once more for coffee and gas with J then drove until I returned to Maryland around 3:oo am Thursday.

When I got in, although Hero was still at work, I felt welcomed. I think this is where I am supposed to be. It took me almost a year to feel that way. When we first arrived in Maryland, back in November, I remember hating everything. I hated the people, the accents, the weather, the neighbors. I hated the kids that played in the street and the conversations strangers had at the stores. I hated the speed limits and the lack of decent scenery on the side of the highway. I can't pinpoint exactly when that all changed, and I can't tell you how (or why) it changed. Somehow, someway, I just knew I was home.


This is home.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit in Mass. and returned home feeling like you belong in Maryland. It's difficult to adjust to a new home... When you finally feel like you belong there, it's a wonderful feeling. Enjoy. :)

10:13 AM EDT 

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