Sunday, September 25, 2005
Happy Anniversary toooooooooo meeeeeee!

How awesome was my anniversary?

Hero took us out to get new tatoos. (I got a moon with stars, he got a big tribal thing with all sorts of hidden images) We slept in, 'slept' some more, watched a movie, got dinner, went out for coffe, and 'slept' more all before the kids got home. It was freakin awesome! We soooo needed a day to ourselves. J is so awesome for giving us that.

I am still so in love after all these years. It fills me with hope.

J had an anniversary this week, too. Her 60 DAY CLEAN ANNIVERSARY!!! I am so proud of how far she has come. Ya know, she's going to meetings roughly five times a week? Even since she's been here. I went with her at first, but now she's going alone.

Overall, J's been great. I have a list of complaints (just like I do with Hero), but nothing that would drive me crazy. She's so much more relaxed, and we spend some time together every night acting like crazy teenagers. Remember how I minded driving to get coffee at midnight last time she was here? Well, this time she has her car. All I have to do is be a passenger. We spend a lot of time scream-singing all our favorite songs and watching movies.

Another great thing about J this time around is that she is MOTIVATED! Motivated to stay clean, make meetings, get out by herself. She even has taken the girls to the park 'for fun' and to Chucky Cheese. She's sleeping less during the day, a possible sign that she's not as depressed as she was.


I got in touch with my x-stepmom. I haven't talked to her in about a year and a half. It was so good to finally talk to her. We lost touch while I was transitioning back to the states from Italy, and I've been searching for her since. I lost all her contact info....but googling her for the past eighteen months finally paid off. She was as happy to hear from me as I was to find her. I'm sure I'll talk about that more later.

Hope you're all doing well!

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

Happy belated anniversary, Magnolia! Sounds like a great way to spend the day. You and hero are so lucky to have each other. :)

12:35 PM EDT 

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