Saturday, August 06, 2005
Maybe I have narcolepsy *(It's been over a week now)*

"Gee, that almost sounds like narcolepsy" Kerrie informed me six days later at my next therapy session.

Yeah, maybe....or maybe it's this freakin medication.

In all honesty, my spells of falling asleep have been few and far between since a week ago. The psychiatrist said this is 'on the extreme side of normal'...whatever the hell that means. On the definate upside, I've only had one night where I couldn't fall asleep until morning hours, and that was last night.

In other wonderful news, Sky is getting so good at this letter thing. She's starting to add more and more words to the "A starts with....." list. (Not just 'A', all the letters) The cool part is that she's figuring this out all by herself. For instance, I taught her that A is for apple, but A is for airplane she came up with on her own. We're making posters of each letter and gluing pictures of corresponding objects on them.

This weekend I was passed on tons of clothes through Freecycle. How much do I love free clothes? This was literally a trash bag full of clothes for in my girls sizes. Among the clothes were new shoes, and a couple of new shirts, and all the other stuff was in real good condition.

More boring crap that is my life:

We are all of a sudden expecting TWO NEW BABIES in this building! I love babies. Luckily none of them will be born to me so I will be able to do that infamous handing back of the screaming infant.

Don't you love when women who are expecting do that whole "My kid will never _____." I am going to love seeing how much one of these couples goes back on the ever growing list. At this point play in the dirt and have a runny nose are included on the list, but that's another entry in itself.

Well, that's all for today.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

I am so glad your spells of falling asleep are getting fewer! I know it isn't easy trying to take care of yourself, your kids, and your home when you can barely keep your eyes open... I'll send some energy vibes your way, but ya gotta promise if you catch some of them that you'll send some right back at me cuz I could use some of 'em too. ;)

That's great news about Sky and the free clothes! (I am totally envious of the clothes, let me tell ya!)

LMAO @ the expecting Mom's and their lists of things their kiddo's will never do. I was the same way when I was pregnant with my first. I know I was... But now, I can look back and laugh about how ridiculous I was being. heh. I would love to read a post you might write on this topic. I know I would be terribly amused. ;)

Take care, magnolia. Here's those ~*~*~*~*energy vibes*~*~*~*~ for ya.

9:39 AM EDT 

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