Sunday, August 21, 2005
It's not that I don't have any ideas...

I don't even blog enough to have a blog. It's not that I don't have any ideas, it's because I have trouble putting my thoughts into an orderly and neat fashion.

I'm thinking about taking a trip up to MA. I have my many lists made of things that need to be done before, a very detailed budget for the ride up, lists of what each person will need, etc. Hero would not be coming, as too much paperwork is required to go more than 250 miles, and it is just not worth it for two or three days. A car inspection? We've only had this car since April, and already it's been inspected four times.

I think these meds are working. I don't notice it too much myself, but Hero says I'm a lot slower to react to things. For instance, I called a woman that I was freecycling my camera to, and didn't feel anxious about it until AFTER I got off the phone. I also had no problem telling my neighbor to fuck off when he was trying to make Moon tantrum. I usually just make an excuse to get out of there. That might be because he does it so much I finally exploded, but let us give the meds the credit. I felt so good after. Anyone that teases a child for fun deserves a big fuck you anyway.

My bff J is going for an interview at a sober house tomorrow. She just found out Friday. When they called her they wouldn't answer any of her questions, and just told her to bring two trash bags full of clothes. J is trying to get rid of all her furniture, and pack the rest of her belongings in her car (which she doesn't know if she can bring there or not). I really hope she gets accepted, because if not, she will be screwed.

That's all the gossip around here for now.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

hey, magnolia!
I enjoy visiting your blog, b/c I admire and respect your point of view on life. you have plenty to say, and I hope you continue to share it here with the rest of the blogsphere! :)

if you go to MA, I hope you have a safe trip! I'll think of you. It's a long way to drive, just you and the girls... Big props to you for thinking about tackling it on your own!

I'm glad to hear you think the meds are working! that's great news! and imo, that neighbor who was picking on Moon deserved to feel your wrath for behaving like a total jerk to your kid! good for you for letting him have it! that's good news about your friend, J. hope things work out well for her. I'll say a prayer for her!

11:46 AM EDT 

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