Saturday, August 27, 2005
A break from packing

I'll get back to packing in a minute, I swear. Now, I have to write this down because I just can't stop laughing about it.

Now, I know infidelity is not something to take lightly. It hurts, it ruins relationships, and it sucks to have to go through. I've never had to deal with it personally, and hopefully never will. At this point I'm learning how not to deal with it from others.

Characters: He and She(neighbors), Magnolia (me)
Setting: Out front Magnolia and She engaged in conversation

Act 1: She describing her phone call with His girlfriend last night, He walks up and all goes silent.

He: What are you doing
She: Talking, get away from me
He: When are you planning on cooking dinner
She: Soon, should I make extra for your girlfriend or is it just going to be us tonight?

Act 2: She is text messaging 'fuck you' to the girlfriend signed with his name. A few minutes pass.

He: Did you just text (girlfriend's name)?
She: No
He: You're a liar
She: I didn't
He: She just forwarded to me, I saw it!
She: I thought you said you stopped talking to her

Act 3: He thinks we can't hear him on the phone with girlfriend yet he is well within earshot. He asks girlfriend if the ticket is for Monday or Tuesday.

She: I'm not going on vacation, I changed my mind.
He: I thought you said you were leaving Monday
She: Yeah, but you said your girlfriend wasn't coming so there's no need for me to go anymore
He: Well, if you don't leave Monday, you're going to have to find somewhere else to sleep
She: Why do I have to leave if girlfriend's not coming?
He: Girlfriend's not coming, I just need some time to think
She: We just heard you asking if her flight is coming Monday or Tuesday, don't lie! Didn't we Magnolia?
Magnolia: (nods head in agreement)
He: Ummm...Uhhh....You better leave Monday! (walks up stairs)

Final Act: He is now drunk and came back down to annoy both Magnolia and She. She gets on phone and we can hear the 'service disconnected' message but He is too drunk to notice.

He: Who are you talking to?
She: None of your god damn business
He: Oh, you want to play like that? (picks up phone, dials)
He: Hey baby, how you doing?
She: What? (grabs phone) Hello? Oh my fucking god (storms away)

The End

Okay, the final act wasn't quite as funny as it was disturbing.

I'd like to think that if Hero ever cheated I could deal with it as long as he was honest (as soon as it happened), had some kind of explanation, and truly felt bad about it. Obviously none of those things apply with my neighbor's situation. She is thinking about leaving, as I'm sure most women would've done a long time ago if they were her.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

Oh, man... I see the humor in those scenarios, but I also want to shake the woman and say, "what are you thinking?!?!? leave him!" I just don't understand how they can continue on that way...

best wishes for a safe trip to MA. hope things go as well as possible. I'll be thinking of you!

11:18 AM EDT 

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