Sunday, July 17, 2005
So after the social worker made me agree to take parenting classes......

Picturensdser 229
Originally uploaded by dmagnoliad.

*I learned that if your child is not dressed with a coat to go along with those winter boots, you are in fact neglectful. ;) Also, if you admit to locking your child in closets the social worker will simply laugh and think you are joking.*

Okay, so I'm new at this picture thing. I don't know how to post more than one picture on one post either. So more next time. This picture is of the first gladiolus to bloom. This year was the first time I planted these flowers, so I didn't have high hopes. I am quite astonished at the color (which isn't reflected very well in the picture). There is also a nice bluish (sp?) one that will be almost ready to pick soon.

I got through Hero being on duty (the 24 hour shift) Wednesday and Friday, so that was good. The girls were unusually well behaved. No therapy this past week, as I procrastinated making an appointment until Kerrie was booked.

In exciting news, Sky finally recognizes the first two letters of her name (she has a nine-letter name), and although she can't write it, trace it, or even connect it in dots...I do believe this is a start. We have this big alphabet foam puzzly-ruggy-thing in her room, and if you say "jump on (real name)", she will jump on the first letter of her name. And A too. YAY!

*I don't really lock my kids in closets*

Anonymous con had this to say:

I often go outside without my coat on even if it is cold. it is good to feel cold sometimes. at least your kids have a coat. millions of kids in the world do not, or shoes.

2:16 AM EDT 

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

LOL @ the social worker comment. Oh, and "sure, ya don't!" on the closet remark. ;) LOL

Your flower pic was gorgeous, and I think it's great you've tested out the photo thingy. I haven't bothered yet.... (Well, I guess I've been kinda busy with the moving stuff, but whatever. Heh.)

That's great news about Sky recognizing some letters in her name and about you surviving Hero's shifts Wed. and Fri.

I can relate to the procrastinating thing too... ;)

4:16 PM EDT 

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