Friday, July 22, 2005
Dude's got the right idea

Okay, as I've mentioned before, I'm working through a book my neighbor lent me called The Feeling Good Handbook by David D. Burns, M.D. I've been reading it rather slowly to make sure I get all that I can out of it.... reading and re-reading before I move on to the next part, ya know?

Anyway, I got to chapter five titled How to Change the Way You Feel: The Four Steps to Happiness. It is all about making a daily mood log to record your feelings and automatic thoughts and then relating the distortions that go along with each of those thoughts. Now I'm not saying this is the end all guide to forever happiness, but DAMN. It really puts things into perspective. There's even a troubleshooting guide if you get stuck. I'm impressed. I mean, I'm not cured or anything...but I'm sure all that takes time.

Tonight we move on to Chaper Six.

So it's official, Sky is way smarter than I give her credit for. I have been keeping at the alphabet thing. She now knows, by sight, all the letters through O, and can name by memory one word to go with each. I know it's all just memory and not really understanding at this point, but I still am impressed. Just today I was chatting outside with Lisa, and excused myself to change Moon. She offered to keep Sky while I was gone. When I came back, there Sky was naming off letters from Lisa's shirt.

"A is for apple! M is for Mommy! E is for everybody! I is for ice cream! C is for (real name)! A is for apple!" (America minus the R)

The thing that gets me the most is how excited she is about it. She is so proud of herself! And she should be. Moon has only picked up one letter (G) along the way, but she is only two and a half and has plenty of time to go.

What I'm really wondering is why I didn't start any of this with them sooner.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

pretty pic!

that book sounds really interesting. definitely worth looking into.

I have to say watching a child learn something new is one of the coolest experiences ever. Especially when the child is your own. sometimes as a parent we get too caught up in the daily grind to really take careful notice of all of the learning that is taking place with our kiddo's. it's sad really when you think about how quickly they grow up... so, it's great that you're enjoying those moments in the here and now! :)

3:10 PM EDT 

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