Monday, July 11, 2005

Should Sky (3 1/2) know how to count on her fingers? I see every other kid hold up her fingers when I ask how old they are. Sky can only hold up 1, 4, or 5. None at the right time, either. Her fine motor skills seem to be fine besides that when I put up my fingers and say "Show me two", four go up. It's like she can't put up just two or three fingers. Like all or nothing. I mean, it hasn't caused problems....I was just wondering.

Also, is there some magic age somewhere around two and a half that kids start listening better? It happened with Sky around then, and now Moon rarely puts up a fight about anything anymore. She has her "If you don't stop _____, you're going into timeout." After that, she stops, or goes in time out... with NO fight. It's new, and I like it. She still won't consistently make her bed or clean her room, but I never really pushed the issue (although Sky does these things everyday).

And, when is it okay to let a child brush their teeth unassisted? Sky is doing a fairly good job on her own, but I like to go over it just in case. These areas of passing responsibility on are new to me, but very much welcomed. I just want to make sure her teeth aren't going to rot out if I don't go over it myself.

Lastly, do you think anyone is going to call social services if my child is in winter boots in eighty-seven degree weather? It wasn't my choice, she insisted. Also, I try to encourage creativity, uniqueness, and independence. Well, really I told them to put their shoes on and didn't notice the boots until I had to either leave that second or be late, but whatever.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

hi, magnolia!

In answer to your questions, I can only tell you from my own experience with my 2 girls... My 3yr old (will be 4 in Oct.) can count on her fingers, but it is difficult for her to hold up the 3 fingers the way I do (pointer, middle, and ring finger altogether) so when she holds up 3 fingers, she makes the "ok" sign with only her middle, ring, and pinkie fingers sticking up. Dunno if that made any kind of sense to you, but it's the best I can explain...

I laughed when you mentioned the magic age of 2 and a half and the better listening, b/c my 2 year old (just turned 2 in May) hasn't reached that point yet. She is still very defiant (especially when she's in trouble) and has to be put into time out (while crying and yelling "I don't want time out!"). She doesn't go to the corner by herself without a fight. EVER.

I also wanted to say I think it's great that Sky makes her bed and cleans her room! My 3yr old picks up her toys, but that's the extent of cleaning her room, and she doesn't make her bed. (Maybe I should start prompting her to do that...)

My 3yr old brushes her teeth unassisted, but I watch how much toothpaste she uses. I'm usually standing there anyway, helping my 2yr old brush her teeth.

LOL at the winter boots. I just got off with social services, btw. they said the boots are okay only if paired with a winter coat. ;)

5:11 PM EDT 

Blogger Barbara had this to say:

Found you through Blog Explosion.
I let my kids make their own decisions when it comes to clothes. I tell them the weather and let them decide. It is a great lesson in consequences. You are a good mom for letter your kids make decisions like that.

11:30 PM EDT 

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

hi again, magnolia!

just wanted to say I totally agree with barbara's comment about the clothes. after reading my 1st comment I thought my joke about social services may not have seemed like a joke, but what I meant was, if she wants to wear the boots, that's cool as long as she wears the winter coat to match it... (that would make my little girl change her mind right away tho considering she HATES wearing coats. LOL) Ahhh, fuggedaboutit! The joke sucked. Sorry. :)

6:17 PM EDT 

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