Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It is officially eighty-six degrees. It is 10:30 pm. Things like this just aren't supposed to happen.

It has been awful for four days now, with a breif thunderstorm intermission while everyone slept. It is so humid you can feel the air. Gross. I probably shouldn't complain because we have central air, but that's just my bitch of the day.

In other news, we have a new neighbor upstairs. His family will be joining him tomorrow. He came from Germany and has a son and a daughter close in age with our kids. He also is working with Hero, which is great, although he is planning on getting transferred to the training site ASAP.

Tomorrow there will be a training going on, and I can't give details (think o*p*#s^e!c)---->(so it can't be found on google and blow up my spot). Honestly, I'm not even supposed to know the details, but we have good neighbors. It's going to be pretty high intensity, to say the least, and no one will be able to come or go (so no Dunkin Donuts). I'm excited to see how everyone does.

Did everyone hear about Andrew McMahon? (the lead singer/pianoman of Something Corporate). Click here if you haven't. Full recovery sounds good to me, lets send some happy thoughts and prayers. I love Something Corporate. They're so much more than the talent free pop of today.

Hope everyone's week has been going well.

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Keep up the good work »

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