Monday, June 06, 2005
Shut up already.

Although I do love all my neighbors (minus the new ones that I haven't met), I need somewhere to vent my frustrations. That place will be here. And so, I present:

Things that have been said in the past week.

-- So you're not Catholic? I doubt you're even from Boston.

-- SomeTHIN different? Not to be confused with someTHING different.

-- You're not a billboard you know (in response to my new tattoo)

-- Look at her, she's freezing (it was 86 degrees today, and my daughter was in a bathing suit)

-- You must get annoyed with all the advice you get from people who have no clue about being parents. (thirty seconds passes) Don't you think popsicles have too much sugar for kids? Why don't you try making healthy ones? Like from fruit juice? (they were Welch's popsicles people! You know, the fruit juice ones?)

-- (This one was actually said to J about a week ago) You can sleep with my husband. I don't mind.

-- I don't think you should do anything addictive in front of young children, even if they're not your own children (with a beer in one hand)

I Hope there aren't many more coming this week. I'm biting my tongue as it is.

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