Thursday, June 02, 2005
I'm getting pretty bad at this blog thing.

I'm getting fourteen unique visitors a day on average. That's fourteen wasted minutes. Sorry for not updating ever.

J left three days ago. She is doing really well in her new apartment so far. No trouble so far. I am proud of her.

When J left, I realized my house was in a state of total shock. Sky had regressed to having accidents every night, and sometimes during the day, even. My house was trashed. I don't think I put effort into cleaning anything besides the kitchen the whole time she was with us. I did eight loads of laundry (hers and ours) in two days. We usually only do three loads a week. I spent yesterday and the day before cleaning and recovering. I'm glad to say that now, my house is decent and Sky hasn't had an accident in two days. Yay!

I spent a couple of days with my neighbors, just relaxing in the beautiful weather. That too had its ups and downs. It's suffice to say not everyone is funny when they're drunk. Sally is waiting to test for pregnancy after her IUI a week and a half ago. Feel free to send happy baby thoughts her way (and stop-drinking-so-much-thoughts, too.)

Lisa took me to meet her family a few days ago. It was awesome. They are great people who really opened my eyes to this southern-lifestyle and how rewarding those relationships can be.

Last but not least.... Did I ever tell you about my penpal? Because I'm a total geek, I have a penpal. His name is Evan. He's in a dual-diagnostic rehab. (That's for drug problems and head problems.) He's been in treatment for two years now, and is only twenty. We've been talking for a couple months, and he's a really good kid. Anyway, Evan is dealing with rejection from his parents, and the fear of living independently. Send love his way also, if you so desire.

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