Thursday, June 30, 2005
I could go on about myself forever

Thank you Heidi! I like this one a lot.

A Lifetime...

10 years ago: I left my dad and stepmom's house to travel through the "system". I had my first experience with illegal substances. I was unhappy. I was still in school. I had a boyfriend with pink hair who used to sneak me in his window at night when I had nowhere to go. He listened to awful music! Insane Clown Posse anyone? I started smoking cigarettes because it was 'cool'. My best friend (at the time) Nikki and I used to camp on a tiny little island in the middle of a pond when it was warm out.

5 years ago: I was engaged! Not to the boy with the pink hair, either. I was living in sin with my (now) husband. We had been together for about a year. I worked as an assistant manager at a video store, and drove an '88 Toyota Tercel. It was a peice of work. I got my GED this year in August. I was starting to let my family back into my life little by little (way before it blew up in my face). J, my best friend, was doing so well back then!

1 year ago: My girls were 2 - 1/2, and 1 - 1/2. I was in Italy with Hero, after missing him since February. Hero found out he has tuberculosis this month. It was sooo hot there, and we used to catch the little lizards to amuse the girls. We spent way too much time in the pool. Moon's eczema was getting really bad, and she spent a lot of the time with a skin infection. We were starting the paperwork for Hero's compassionate reassignment, so it would be in by the time we left in July. I got to see some of the beautiful parts of Italy (Venice (which in Italy is Venezia), the mountains in Aviano, the many farms and churches in Vicenza, and a huge street fair in Morolla.) We lived in Villagio (post housing), and the post was called Caserma Ederle (which was in Vicenza). We went to the gelatteria (sp?) for ice cream. Also a month ago, I went on my first plane trip, which was an experience. Eight hours with two toddlers and jet lag. Fun, fun, fun! Oh, I also learned to weld in May of this year.

Yesterday: I talked J through a mini-meltdown on the phone. I spent most of the day with my new friends, both wives of Hero's work friends. The girls made friends with the other kids, and all went well. I intoduced someone to "cold coffee" which is like iced coffee minus the ice and made at home. I talked to my neighbors and we planned a cookout for Sunday. I colord with the kids, laughed, played, cleaned up, read books, and slept fairly well. It was hot all day and stormed all night.

Tomorrow: The last day before the weekend! Hero has a four day. I will make a shopping list, try to manipulate (in the best possible sense of the word) my neighbors to play with me and the girls outside all day, probably set up the little pool, and clean. I will go to therapy at four. I will talk to J because I miss her a ton!

5 snacks I enjoy: Coffee, jalepenos (the pickled kind, not the burn your insides kind), sweet peppers, Dora fruit-snacks, beer.

5 songs I know all the words to: "You're so last summer" by Taking Back Sunday, "Catalyst" by New Found Glory, "Silver and Cold" by AFI, "Built to Last" by Grateful Dead, "Shimmer" by Fuel (just the first ones that popped into my head)

5 things I would do with $100,000,000: adopt a child, buy a house (and rent it out if Hero decides to stay in the army), pay off the car we own and the car we would purchase, help a select few people in need, save for later.

5 locations I'd like to run away to: Boston, Cape Cod, Rhode Island, London, Barbados.

5 bad habits I have: Smoking, gossiping, being stubborn, asking questions that I know will start heated debates, and chosing the oppisite side as the person I asked...just for kicks, dressing like I live on the street.

5 things I like doing: Playing with the girls, Gossiping, learning, engaging in heated debates, analyzing someone before I talk to them (I like to call it "Guess what's in my head").

5 things I would never wear: Anything that costs more than my monthly beer allowance, anything fur (not because of the animals, because it looks yuck), anything uncomfortable, anything that I have to dry clean, maternity clothes (unless I was pregnant, in which case I would.)

5 T.V. shows I like: House, the OC, Monster Garage, CSI (any), Forensic Files

5 movies I like: Magnolia, Dark City, Clockwork Orange, The life of David Gale, Flatliners.

5 famous people I'd like to meet: Jesse James, all the guys from Something Corporate, Ozzy Osborne.

5 biggest joys at the moment: Getting to therapy finally, watching my girls grow, finally getting a feeling of "community" within the army chaos, long nights with new friends, countless hours of sunshine and smiles.

5 favorite toys: digital camera, my collection of store charge cards, coffeemaker, vacuum, washer & dryer. I am so lame.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

LMAO @ "I could go on about myself forever"! :)

I enjoyed getting to know you better through your answers to this meme, magnolia! I am in awe of all you have been through. So many life experiences that have culminated into where you are now...

I would love to visit Italy... *sigh* maybe someday.

thanks for sharing this! It made me want to read more! :)

11:14 PM EDT 

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