Thursday, May 12, 2005
Times two

Where to start?

Moon's doctor is such a sweet woman. I want to keep her. She told me the reason a RAST test wouldn't really help at this point... It would help see the levels (like how allergic she is) in her blood, but since we already know she's somewhat allergic to everything, ultimately it would have no effect on caring for her eczema.

She also said that she didn't think a skin test was necessary. Just as I thought.

Medication wise, she said I could try the "knock her out" medicine, and if it did in fact knock her out, or had no effect on the itching I could always stop using it. She also said the oral steroid was indeed very strong, but it doesn't surprise her that an allergist suggested it. She said that one she was leaving up to me.

Moon's doctor then went on to put in a referral for Moon. Not just any referral, but a referral with THE BEST PEDIATRIC DERMATOLOGIST.




Or so say many. He wrote this book.

I am so happy to get this chance to have my daughter looked at by the best of the best. I hope we get in soon.

Now, the bad stuff. I'm trying not to think to much about it, but it has been eating at me all day. Keep in mind that the majority of Moon's appointments have been traumatic ones. Mostly for blood-work, treatment of skin infections, doctors peeking and/or poking at her eczema (which is usually either scabbed up or cracked).

When we went in to get Moon's vitals, she was screaming. Moon hates even going into the waiting room because she knows what's coming. I brought her care-bear collection to try and keep her mind off of everything. The nurse came in and made me take Moon's shoes off to weigh her. Moon's worst spots of eczema are on her ankles, so she really started freaking out. The nurse then insisted she sit on the baby scale by saying "Okay, if you're not going to stand up, then we'll make you sit on this."--Like it was a punishment. Moon continued flipping out, and I was trying to alternate between holding her and sitting her on the scale for long enough to get a reading. She was NOT having it.

Anyway, the nurse took the carebears away, probably thinking it would help Moon pay attention. After five horrible minutes of trying to get Moon to sit down, and repeatedly telling the nurse that Moon weighed twenty-four pounds at her well baby visit a month ago, the nurse started YELLING AT MOON. She kept yelling "SIT DOWN, SIT DOWN."

Moon reacted by screaming louder, and jumping into my arms, at which point I said "Enough." And I comforted her.

As I said, this has been eating at me. I told my neighbor (Lisa) about it, and she said I should complain. She even got the name of the woman to complain to from the Sally (other neighbor), who works at the clinic. I think I'm going to go to visit the clinic tomorrow and tell them what happened and why it bothered me. I'm afraid it will make for bad visits in the future, though.

Well, here's hoping Moon can see the pediatric dermatologist soon. Have a good night.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

that's great news about the pediatric dermatologist! WooHOO! Your doc sounds great! The nurse however.... UGH! Yelling at your daughter!?!?!?! Unacceptable! If you can't handle when kids get upset (and many do!) then, you should rethink your career! Grrr. She was sooo out of line! I understand its not easy to deal with kids when they freak out, but if it's part of your job, then... You should have a better way of dealing with it than yelling at the poor thing! Yikes.

10:38 AM EDT 

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