Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Second opinion

Today was the Big Allergist Appointment for Moon. What a scam. I wish I could say there was at least ONE thing learned that would be beneficial to my daughter, but there was not.

It went something like this:

Arrive, get in with doctor remarkably quick. Take history from birth. Breastfeeding history, formulas she was on, first foods. Did we live in any homes with carpet in the last two years? Air conditioning?

Doctor then checks Moon's skin (please note: this is an ALLERGIST). He says: "You have NEVER had a skin test done on this child?" She's only two. Ofcourse not. All three of her previous doctors have insisted we rely on RAST testing for a baby.

He then begins to manipulate me. "Does she have hayfever?"

"No, I am simply here for a rast test to determine if her levels have gone down any since she has been off of a restricted diet. That was the purpose of this referral." I'm getting really pissed.

"Does she sneeze?"

"Not really."

"Does her nose run?"


"Is it clear?" Ofcourse it's clear, because if it wasn't, she'd be sick. I don't say that, though. I simply say:

"Yes, when it runs it is usually clear."

"Does she scratch her eyes at all?"

"Yes, seeing that she has eczema on her cheeks, she does scratch her eyes. That is why I want the rast testing redone. If I knew what made her itchy all the time, I could possibly eliminate it from her diet again, so long as the levels are lower on some of the other allergies."

"Well, I think you should have a half-hour skin test done. I'll be right back." He leaves, and comes back with a care sheet for me to follow. The care sheet includes all of the things we have been doing for the last two years (with no results), plus an oral steroid, an external steroid that failed to work in the past (recent past, that is), and a drug to knock her out when she starts scratching (actually, an antihistamine, like Claritin, only way stronger.)

I correct his mistakes. I tell him that the DERMATOLOGIST said not to use such strong steroids on a child this age. I tell him that I'd prefer if he just did the rast testing, and let the DERMATOLOGIST handle the rest. He insists I take the care sheet, four prescriptions (including an epi-pen because our others are almost expired), and tells me to make an appointment for the half-hour skin testing at my earliest convenience. Okay, bye.

I'm pissed. This guy must think he's some kind of genius. I mean, we practically got kicked out of Italy because the doctors weren't able to handle my daughter's condition. It's a little more serious than the average case of eczema. So instead of checking her food allergies to see what's going on, let's drug her to the point where she can't think and see if she's allergic to trees. Seriously.

As soon as I closed the door behind me I called our regular pediatrician and made an appointment to discuss the referral and the list of new drugs. I know she will agree with me, she'll wonder why he didn't do the testing he was supposed to do, and hopefully.....HOPEFULLY, she'll just let us get the rast testing done there. Cross your fingers for us on Thursday.

I know this may sound stupid on my part. Moon very well could be allergic to trees. I was allergic to twelve different things (plants, pollens, dust, mold, pet dander, etc.) when I was a child. There was nothing anyone could do about it, though. I mean we can avoid pets, but there's no getting away from dust or oak trees. We tried all the special furniture coverings and lots of other useless crap. I honestly just out grew my allergies.

I know this may not be my daughter's case, but I still think she's too young to go through that horrendous process. Not only that, but it is undetermined if she has anaphylaxis. She has never had any anaphylactic reaction, but has had rast levels high enough to be prescribed epi-pens from six months of age to present. If they put something in her body, and she does have a reaction.....well, let's not think about that. I'm just trying to give you an idea of why I feel this strongly about not doing skin testing yet.

Anonymous Holly had this to say:

I would tend to agree. Having been thru the scratch test myself as an adult, I dont' think I would want to do it on a two year old, esp since kids can in some cases out grow some allergies. I tend to be allergic to grass, mold, dust, weeds and certain chemicals including certain perfumes (I am asthatic), while my 11 year old son is allergic to many soaps, fabric softeners, any skin product with fragrences or dyes, etc.. Though his ezcema is usually just in one small area and generally controlled with a 2%hydrocortisone cream, so it is a relatively mild allergy. I would stick with your original doctor and derm for now..the other doctor seems a bit over zealous Holly

10:59 AM EDT 

Blogger Sarah had this to say:

Omg thats ridiculous, Its lucky that you were strong minded enough to tell him. If you werent you may have gone away with lots more prescriptions. I hope your normal dermatologist gets you the test for your little one.

12:11 PM EDT 

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

yikes, magnolia! I think you handled yourself extremely well under the circumstances, and I will keep my fingers crossed for you that your pediatrician can do the test for ya. I feel bad for your poor lil munchkin... Itchy skin is the worst! My younger step-brother had bad allergies and asthma when he was really young. In fact, he had to repeat kindergarten b/c he missed so much school due to being in the hospital b/c of his allergies and asthma. (Oxygen tents and all!) He always had bloody wrists and behind his knees from scratching at his eczema... The ointments he had only gave minor relief, and he was so young you had to practically tie him down to get the cream on him... Anyway, I wish you all the best in figuring this all out and getting Moon the best care possible. You're a great Mom, magnolia. Good job standing up for her!

8:26 PM EDT 

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