Monday, May 16, 2005
If you ever want to find me....

You can apparently google any of the following, as this is my most recent list of search terms on StatCounter.

--major problems of magnolia ice cream

(who knew there was such a thing?)

--massholes mighty mighty bostones

--trazidone pregnant

--Jason Hartley

(I actually get tons of hits searching for him in various different ways. Jason must be one popular guy.)

--"my husband's buddies" fuck

(please don't google this, as my ranking out of three-hundred and some-odd is already disgustingly high.)

--"killing the baby seals"

--getting pregnant while breastfeeding

Anyone care to share some of theirs?

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

LOL I wish I could share some for my site, but apparently the site counter I use doesn't provide that service for free. :( I am seriously considering switching to the one you are using just so I can see what people are googling that brings them to my blog! Great entertainment! :)

5:30 PM EDT 

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