Wednesday, May 18, 2005
How my garden grows

I think I'm finally done with my garden for the year. Now all that's left is watering, weeding, and cutting flowers down as they die.

I actually have three gardens. The first had white and purple tulips, which have expired. It has deep purple irises, multicolored gladiolus, and day lillies waiting to bloom. The second has expired tulips also, plus impatiens and pink begonias. The last is the biggest, and contains snapdragons, ageratum, verbena, portulaca, dianthus, celosia, red salvia, and lots of petunias (mostly purple, but also some pink and red/white). It also has gladiolus and day lillies waiting to bloom.

I'm really excited, as this has turned out to be the best garden I've had. I didn't know what to expect, but I am very pleased with the results. Best of all-- the annuals were free!

My friend J is planning on visiting again Friday, as she has already seen a little too much trouble since going back to Massachusetts. I'm wondering if the term 'self-fufilling prophecy' would fit this case? She is planning on staying for almost a week. I hope she does in fact end up coming, but I have my doubts.... It almost seems as if she likes being in trouble.

I need J's help as bad as she needs mine. I have a fear of people I don't know. It's almost like I can't get comfortable. I'd really like to join a bible study through my church. I was hoping if I brought her with me the first time I went, I wouldn't have so much trouble after that. We'll see what happens.

My last few days have been filled with boring downtime. There were a few highlights other than my garden, such as Sky putting playdoh in her ear (which is a bitch to get out...pray that it actually did all come out.) Also I've had a good few conversations with the neighbors, but nothing worth writing.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

Wow, your gardens sound beautiful!!! And lucky you on the free annuals!

I hope your friend is able to come for a visit and that her trouble doesn't follow her to your doorstep. Joining a bible study sounds like a good way to meet new people. Good luck with that.

Oh, and LOL at Sky getting play doh in her ear!!! Poor thing! Oh, the things our munchkins put us through! ;)

Have a great weekend!

5:31 PM EDT 

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