Friday, April 22, 2005
Signs from God?

There is an image of the virgin Mary on an overpass (underpass?). This is one of very many images that have appeared over time. More recently these images seem to be in the oddest of places.

As a Christian, I believe in Jesus and I believe he died for our sins. I also believe that he was the son of God and Mary. That is as far as Mary goes in my religion, though. Based on my personal beliefs, there would be no reason for her to be popping up in the most random of places. Honestly, I personally think Jesus would have no reason to, either. As I have said, these are my beliefs. Now, I want to hear yours.

Do you think these images are some kind of message? If so, what kind of message? A message to non-believers, maybe?

Do you think these images are just people seeing more than what's there? Could they be man made?

If you believe in God, and belive that God put pictures of Mary and Jesus on a door, an overpass...ect., what do you think his motives are? Or should we not question something like that?

Any other thoughts? Maybe this is the devil working through pictures to cause doubt in our minds? Anything?

Blogger Ms Mac had this to say:

It's my opinion that when one is in need one can see signs in anything. Look at people who ring tarot card readers or visit psychics on a regular basis and comehome convinced that they have been given a key to life. Are they any different to those who see Jesus in a cheese sandwich and decide that their life has turned around?

For the record, I believe in God, Jesus, the whole shebang. I just don't particularly like the way organised religion goes about things.

2:09 PM EDT 

Blogger dotbar had this to say:

I pretty much agree with you on the picture thing. Really, why would Jesus or Mary project pic? It isn't very logical. I also think Ms. Mac expresses a very common opinion in that people are fed up with organized religion. It is a bit of a dilemma in that it is important to meet with other believers but people don't feel church is meeting their needs. So is the answer informal, home gatherings...kind of like Bible study settings?

8:41 PM EDT 

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

I think ms. mac said it very well. her first sentence is exactly what I was going to say. I am a believer as well.

If you look hard enough, you can turn nothing into something. It's all in one's perspective. Just like some people can look at the Bible and see it only as a work of fiction, full of wonderful stories. I personally don't see it that way, but only b/c I have a different perspective. Given a different set of circumstances in life, it could very well have been my perspective... Oh, man... I could ramble on about this forever... LOL

8:49 AM EDT 

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