Friday, April 15, 2005
Quick post

We are taking a short intermission from watching Fever Pitch, which we downloaded from limewire. The only real Boston accent that Hero and I have picked up (so far) has been the girl who said she lost 200 lbs. from getting her stomach stapled up, and the mother of that same girl. It's definitely a cute movie. I only really follow the Red Sox when they make it to the play-offs, but it still has me very amused.

Too much excitement tomorrow, so I probably won't be posting. Have a good weekend everyone!

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

hey, magnolia!
hope your weekend is sunny and full of fun! Is Drew Barrymore in that movie? I know I've heard of it...

Anyhoo, here's hoping you have time to enjoy your blooming tulips, you receive your title and settlement soon, and you remain on the friendly side with your neighbors... (Atleast till the temps drop below 60* again! LOL)

1:50 PM EDT 

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