Thursday, April 14, 2005
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My best-friend-forever, J, is coming to visit. We have been friends now for seven years. She has seen me through my best and worst adult times, as I have her. I'm really excited.

There's a whole story about her trying to be able to walk with God (on God's terms), and ultimately ending up in a very bad 'Christian' rehab in Michigan. She never had drug problems, but this place was the only thing she could afford that would (supposedly) strengthen her in her faith. She thought it would be a minor sacrifice if she had to go to meetings twice a week. Unfortunately, the rehab ended up being a cult, and she ran away. Tomorrow she will get on a bus that will take her on an eighteen hour ride, and Saturday morning she will be on my doorstep. I am not sure how long she will stay with us, but she's either going to end up going back to Massachusetts, or to North Carolina where she would stay with her sister until she found an apartment.

My friend K is supposed to be going on a trip to Philadelphia, and stopping to spend the day here on Sunday with her girlfriend. K is my oldest daughter's godmother. We have been friends for nine years, so she's been good and bad with me, too. I am also excited to see her, and I'm sure my girls will be as well.

As if that wasn't enough excitement, on the 25th we are taking a trip to Massachusetts. It will be my husband's birthday, and he hasn't seen any of his family for about a year and a half. We will only be staying two or three days, and have to pack tons of visits into that time. It will be stressful, but fun. It's only been five and a half months since my last visit, but I'm still very excited. When we return to Maryland, we get a whole bunch of free time until Hero signs in on May 6th.

Less boring (but still very boring) news:

--My tulips are beginning to bloom. Five out of ten have buds. Yay!

--I made friends with my neighbors (possibly because I instantly become less of a bitch once the temperatures rise over 60 degrees)

--I am still waiting for my title so I can get the settlement for my smashed car

And a question before I go. My dad and Hero's mom relationship has apparently become one of an abusive nature. There are reports that there may be drug use going on. How do I politely tell them to go to hell when they ask us to bring the kids over to their apartment? Should I allow them to meet us somewhere and visit, or just not expose my children to 'people like that'? I'm really struggling with this. Since I told my girls we will be going to Massachusetts, they have been talking about Nana and Papa constantly.

Blogger Jen had this to say:

Gack! I'm sorry your friend got sucked into a cult thingy. At least she got away. The sister that I don't associate with was brainwashed by a cult. Truly frightening.

11:19 PM EDT 

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

yikes about the cult situation!

lucky you getting all kinds of company this week! enjoy! it's such a blessing to visit with old friends and family.

regarding the grandparents: I would never keep my kids from their grandparents regardless of their lifestyle... I would definitely make certain that the kids were under my direct supervision during any visit to the g-parent's apt., and I would have an excuse ready so I could take the kiddo's and bail on the visit the second things seemed unsavory. (i.e. they're high or drunk and start behaving foolishly, or they engage in any type of illegal behavior in your presence.) If you want to talk to them about what's going on with them, I'd make sure the munchkins weren't present. (Maybe have Hero take them outside for a little walk and leave right away after you've said your piece.)

I've had to make similar decisions with my Dad's parents. They are alcoholics, and sometimes my drunk/high uncles are there when we visit. (we don't visit often, maybe once a year. I call instead and let my girls talk to them on the phone.) Good luck.

11:13 AM EDT 

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