Sunday, April 10, 2005
In which I learn that dogs scare the shit outta me

I've never liked dogs. I've never been scared of them either....until now.

Yesterday, I watched my neighbor's dog pull the owner off of his chair and down the street before the owner gained control (or the dog gave up.) Thinking it was quite amusing, I decided to introduce myself to the dog. BAD IDEA.

I've never heard a dog growl. On tv, maybe...but that's tv. It's quite scary. You can see every tooth and smell the doggy-food breath. Ofcourse, I ran away. That is, afterall, the mature thing for an adult to do when a dog on a leash growls at you. Especially after you saw the dog pull the adult-grown-man owner down the street.

As I ran away, I heard laughter, and that's okay. I'm sure I would laugh too, had I not been the one running away.

Blogger Andi had this to say:

I am so not a dog person and we have two! I can't go near them as I think they want to just eat me or scare me or drag me away and bury me. I really am not a dog person!

7:45 AM EDT 

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

big dogs scare me. little yippy dogs annoy me... I only like the friendly-looking medium-sized dogs who enjoy playing frisbee and fetching things. Guess I'm a picky dog person. ;oP LOL

5:31 PM EDT 

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