Thursday, April 07, 2005

My oldest daughter has to have her speech evaluated.

No big deal, right? There just going to check to see if her speech is at her age level.

It all started from the doctor asking me: "How much of what your daughter says can a stranger understand?" I answered twenty-five percent. Now, we will get her evaluated to make sure she's where she should be, and if not, she will be able to go to classes to catch her up with her peers. That way she will be able to start kindergarten with a fair chance. I think programs like that are great!

Unfortunately my family is not as happy about it. That and they get things mixed up (or blatantly lie....I'm not really sure.)

Anyway, if I haven't said it before, my family and Hero's family are connected not only through us, but through our parents. My father and Hero's mother date. Our families are both too messed up to really be a part of.

Somehow this rumor started about my daughter not being able to see a doctor. It was something along the lines of: "She can't talk because Magnolia was supposed to bring her to the doctor about this a long time ago." This rumor (from the first time I heard it) got worse, and it ended up being something like: "They were supposed to see a speech doctor years ago, but Magnolia doesn't ever bring the kids to the doctor".

So now what? Do I call and tell everyone the whole story, knowing that it will just get all screwed up again? Do I immediately get myself a therapist, knowing that things like this definitely make me lose sleep? Do I try to ignore it? What do I do?

I cry. I bitch. I blog.

Luckily my husband can laugh about these things. I wish I could take it so lightly. He consoled, bitched with me, listened, went to sleep. I can't get it out of my head, therefore, I can't sleep. Yuck. And we were just thinking about taking a trip up, too.

Sorry for yucky stories, just needed to vent.....again.

PS, my daughter CAN talk. I can understand one-hundred percent of what she says. Most other people can't, though. I think it is mostly because of her screechy voice, but it can't hurt to get her evaluated. Plus, if it was a developmental-delay thing, it would be great to know before she goes to school. That way we can help her as much as she needs now.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

hi magnolia,
imo, you are definitely doing the right thing for your daughter, and you should feel very good about that.

as for your family, I know it is sometimes difficult to "let go" of things that are said (especially ones that are blatant lies and make you look bad), but imho, it isn't worth wasting your time and energy worrying about what they said and how others will perceive you as a result. Easier said than done, I know. However, in the whole grand scheme of things what they (or anyone else for that matter) think of you just isn't important. Do they deserve a good "ass-chewing" for their ignorant, slanderous remarks? Hell yeah! But will it help the situation any? Probably not. That's for you to decide... What DOES matter is that you are taking care of your daughter the best way you know how, and the results you get will put them in their place once and for all!

10:49 AM EDT 

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