Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Crazy, crazy, crazy.

We are up on the new-age parenting styles. When our kids are being belligerent, we say things like:

"I can tell you are very angry.", and "I can see you are mad right now, and that's okay."

Sky is into excuses....bigtime. When it's time to sit down for dinner, she says she is too tired. When it's time to come in from outside, she says she can't because she is too dirty. When it's time to go to bed, she says she is too hungry. Get the picture? Excuses for everything she doesn't want to do.

Today while eating lunch, Sky used the 'too tired' excuse, and I told her she was going to suck it up and sit until everyone was finished. She was surprised at my harsh terms instead of a usual "I know you're tired, but when we sit down for lunch......." She immediately put on her mad face.

Feeling bad, I went back to the new-age parenting style and said "Sky, I know you are feeling angry right now, and that's ok." Before I could say another word, she looked up at me with the meanest looking face and said:

"Ma, you're crazy, crazy, crazy!"

And I laughed my ass off. I'll admit, I don't quite have it down yet.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

LOL oh, magnolia... I can SO relate to this! My 3yr old is constantly ready with an excuse for everything, and sometimes she says things that totally crack me up at a time when I probably shouldn't be laughing... Heh. Oh, well. It's been my experience that parenting definitely requires a healthy sense of humor. Or you really might go "crazy, crazy, crazy!" ;o)

10:48 AM EDT 

Anonymous Beth had this to say:

I don't have that new age crap down yet either. I end up saying things like, "Can you use your words to tell me why you are BEING IMPOSSIBLE?!" and then I feel bad.

12:29 PM EDT 

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