Tuesday, March 22, 2005
What I miss the most

My family. I don't have a big family and neither does Hero. We both come from 'messed up' families, but the little family we do have is what I miss the most.

I miss the way my Grandma lets my kids get away with anything they want, and scolds me when I tell them no. She is from the 'Old Country' (which to her is Austria), and to this day believes that breast cancer is caused by playing sports. She is very old, and it is very difficult not to laugh when she gets all serious and tells her stories about the 'long-term effects of having a Jew in her family' (her words). It is a hilarious set of stories, especially considering that the 'Jew in her family' was her father. Her thinking is so outdated, sometimes I even get a little mad, but what can you do?

I miss Hero's Grandma too. She is still fairly young (considering she is a great grandma to my kids). She helped me a lot when we came back from Italy. I had a really hard time seeing Hero get sick over there and she reached out to me big time. We used to do fun things with the kids together, and she even babysat sometimes. She works still, as a hospice worker, and she is one of the most caring people I know. It broke my heart when we heard that Hero was finally coming back to the states, and she cried because we would be moving.

I miss my brother because I'm never sure when I'll see him again. He has been in and out of jail for the last three years, and can't seem to get his act together. He seems to be doing a little better the past few months. I hope he keeps it up. He's a good kid, he makes bad choices, blah, blah.....

This is not all of our family, ofcourse, just the biggest part. These people are home to me, anywhere they are is where I want to be (minus jail ofcourse).

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