Thursday, March 24, 2005
Officially Stupid (Why do I do this to myself?)

Some fucker smashed up my car today.

Guess who was driving? (It wasn't me....this is important.)

Tip for useless asshole who doesn't know enough to SLOW DOWN, PUT ON A BLINKER, OR EVEN LOOK TO SEE IF ANYTHING IS COMING while making a left turn across another lane of traffic: Learn to fucking drive.

What if my kids had been in the car? I am seething with rage.

And the kicker? I'm the stupid fuck who let an uninsured driver drive my car. Guess who that was????? MY HUSBAND!!

Many of you are thinking 'And?'...In Massachusetts (where my car is still registered and insured), everyone who will drive your car must be on the policy.

See it goes back many years. My husband is not very good with cars, he buys shitboxes and drives them into the ground. We've had six cars. That might not seem like much, but it's too embarrassing to mention in how few years they've come and gone. It's enough to say less than six years. Yup, six cars in less than six years.

I bought this last car MYSELF. It was the only one of our cars we've financed. I bought it when my neon started to go right after Hero left for basic training. Since he was not living with me, and I knew it would be at least six months until we were together again I decided to wait on adding him to my policy. Why pay the extra money, right?

Well, fourteen months ended up going by before Hero and I ended up being together again (Basic, AIT, Italy...he came home in November). So what's my excuse? I'm fucking stupid. I have no other excuse than that.


This fuck was declared 100% at fault by the police, and charged with failing to yield at an intersection....or something like that (we don't get the actual police report for 10 days, but the cop said he was being charged). They have this on tape, as the intersection is monitored. Yay.

I called my insurance company, who told me I was an idiot, and to say bye-bye to a huge chunk of our savings.

So here is my question for you: Can I file a claim with the At Fault driver's insurance company? Or does my insurance company need to be the one's to do that (and they can't)? If it helps, my insurance is from Mass, and covers the person driving, his is from Virginia.

If so, who would call his insurance company, me or hubby? (Seems pretty obvious it would be me, as it is my car, but I wasn't actually involved in the accident.?.)

And: If I can do this, what do I say? I have never been in an accident before.

And: Should I report this to my insurance company? When I called, I might have said it was a hypothetical situation....because I knew my husband wasn't covered.


My car isn't completely totaled, but pretty close to it.

My numbers:

Estimate of repairs: $2000- $3000 depending on if we want parts that actually go to my make and model of car or not (?WHAT?)

Rental car: $421 per week (from debit card, in other words...NO RENT NOW PAY LATER.)

The importance of not blowing that big chunk of savings on this hunk of tin/plastic/styrofoam rental: Priceless.

**Side notes:

--Hero was not hurt (thank God).

--My car got near-totaled, as I said. His car? A blown tire, and a dent in his fender. Fucker.

--At fault driver was not hurt either (thank God again).

Anonymous Q... had this to say:

I hate car accidents. Thank goodness everyone was ok.

11:01 AM EST 

Anonymous Beth had this to say:

I am an insurance agent in Illinois, and I don't know if all this would translate to another state, but ABSOLUTELY you should call the at-fault driver's insurance company. Your company should only have to pay out if the other driver is not insured or underinsured. You call because it's your policy. Good luck!

1:24 PM EST 

Anonymous Beth had this to say:

I'm so thrilled everything worked out for you. Glad to help out! And to think that I keep telling everyone my job is useless.

8:58 AM EST 

Blogger Jeff Stilwell had this to say:

I'm greatful your children were not in the car and hopefully they don't read and hear the potty talk you put in your blog. Have a nice day. Please know I mean no offense.

12:16 PM EST 

Blogger Kim had this to say:

Ugh! I feel for you! I hope you can get something out of that moron, sorry your deay ended like that. Good Luck!

3:32 PM EST 

Anonymous Anonymous had this to say:

Enjoyed a lot!
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7:34 AM EST 

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