Monday, March 28, 2005
Not a very good day

The appraiser called to say my car is totaled. This is what we expected to happen. Unfortunately, he couldn't tell me the value of my car.

---Isn't that his job?---

I called At Fault's insurance company. They said wait a few days. I asked if I could start repairs and they said no. I'm aggrivated. I do not want to end up paying for this rental until my car is fixed. Once they cut a check, the rental is our responsibility.

I paid ten thousand dollars on this car in the last year and a half. I'm sure the value will be under five thousand. I'm angry with myself for paying off the car loan as fast as possible. I never knew that could possibly be a bad thing.

Other reasons today is not a good day:

I have a headache left over from last night

I cannot seem to sleep

My house isn't very clean

Hero surely will fail his PT test tomorrow, as he has been eating like a cow

My hair won't seem to stay frizz-free because of the rain

All these things seem meaningless, I'm sure. So then, why can't I get over it? I'm hoping tomorrow will be better.

On a happier note: I'm sure spring is here. The spring peepers were peeping all night last night, and it is supposed to be sixty-six degrees on Wednesday.

Blogger Jaden had this to say:

Hang in there girl! Every day brings struggles.Just as important as what happens, is how we deal with it, especially with the small and annoying things. What are peepers? *Jaden

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