Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Mud, total loss, and Pimp Day

It stopped raining and warmed up very quickly in Northern Maryland today. The result of that was the biggest mud puddles I've seen in a long time. To honor that, we played outside....for hours. I ended up with two mud covered kids, and ofcourse that was expected. It was really fun.

In other Magnolia news, did anyone know that the people from insurance company's total loss department are really out to screw you? If so, why was I never told? Lucky for me, my leinholder (I just learned this term today, it's another way of saying financing company) came up with a great plan, with possibly a great result. I may come out of this with a gain. I was shocked.

So I will call and spend more wasted hours trying to put said plan into place tomorrow. Until then, I am content.

Since I cannot think of anything interesting to write, I will leave you with some other people who may catch your interest on this first of many coming 'Pimp Days'.

STARLIGHTER writes a story about Boston way back before I was born. I am addicted.

Arwen/Elizabeth makes me happy, and is extremely introspective and intellegent.

Reflections of the romantically hopeless aggrivates the shit out of me because he doesn't update as much as I'd like. If you go back and read it like a book, it's highly entertaining and very well written. Don't read too much in one day, though, because you will be stuck waiting for more....for a looonnng time.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

I am sorry to hear about your car accident! That sux! I am so glad no one was injured, but that stinks that your car is a total loss! Ugh! I hope things get straightened out for you soon.

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