Tuesday, March 22, 2005
I made a friend

I made a friend today. It is unusual how many things we have in common.

--We both have two daughters

--Our daughters are the same age

--Our husbands were both stationed in Italy before we came here

--Our husbands both have the same job

--She has neighbors that recently moved, and they didn't have kids (although she says they were young)

--Her other two neighbors don't have kids either

--They are from Massachusetts also!!!!!!!!! (Though not Boston.)

--Her neighbor told her husband that she was having trouble having kids--get this--the day they moved in, during there first meeting (Although, she herself has never met the neighbor, and didn't think it was that unusual for them to be sharing the personal info with her husband.)

--They are both young

So is this all coincidence? I think not. I believe it's Fate.

Ofcourse there are some differences

--She has dyed red-black-purple looking hair (which looks great on her), and I have never-ever-in-my-life-been-touched-with-chemicals black

--Their neighbors have a ton of dogs (she said between the two neighbors there are four), and ours have one.

--They live on the same installment (it has the same name), but in a different town, further from Baltimore than we are (slightly closer to Massachusetts, two exits closer, I believe ;~)

We hit it of really well! I think this will be a good thing.

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