Saturday, March 19, 2005
The good weather is here

Since Thursday it has been nice enough to play outside. Today I'm giving in. I'm washing and putting away the winter coats. In Massachusetts I would never do such a thing, but the weather is a little bit more stable here. And, if I'm wrong about it being warm, and it snows three feet, I can always pull the coats back out, right?

Yesterday I took the girls to the park. One thing I love about every military installation (that we've lived on, anyway)-- you're always within walking distance from a park. I'm not very "outdoorsy" in the sense that I don't like camping or bugs or excersizing for fun, but when it gets warm out we aren't indoors much. It's too cold for the pool still, but when it gets warm it will be set up in the back yard. Much of the day will be spent there, and also at the park, and any beach I can find nearby. I love the beach.

I don't think I have found the "things to do" here yet. Driving for forty-five minutes here is a lot different than driving forty-five minutes in Massachusetts. I still do it every day to get coffee, but it is much more boring (a lot of open space). The town we live in (not the installation itself, but the town right outside of it) is so tiny. I've never been to a town this small. I don't know the area yet, but I am hoping to find some interesting kid-friendly things to do for the time we're here.

I'm getting used to it here. That's a big step for me. If I stop being so negative about the differences here it will be easier for me to adjust.

Blogger Heidi had this to say:

hi magnolia,
it took atleast 2 years for me to really find my way around after moving here... I was able to get tips from new friends and find my way to all the cool places. It definitely takes some time, and eventually you will no longer long so desperately for the familiarity of Mass. You will learn to embrace the newness, and even appreciate the differences. (Don't get me wrong, I still long for the comfort and familiarity of the place I grew up in Indiana, but I can also appreciate the cool things Maine has to offer...)

Anyway, I'm happy for you that the warmer weather has finally arrived. We are still months away from that here... *sigh* (No, I haven't "embraced" the long winters! Heh.)

7:44 PM EST 

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