Thursday, March 10, 2005
And the answer is....

Undeterminable. But here is what everyone had to say:

Jon Langdon, who is from Connecticut, wrote "Once you're from New England you'll never get that deep down inside asshole out of you", which I agree with completely. While visiting his blog I found some other quotes which I think describe a New Englander's perspective very well. First, "Here's a little secret about the word 'seasons': it's a code word meaning that we have shitty weather for half the year". And, "Listen, whatever you do in your culture is fine with me. In my culture we make fun of things that aren't part of our own culture."

Jason, who has a blog filled with beautiful photos, is from Massachusetts and now lives in Florida. He is amused when people tell him how cold it is going to be, to say the least. He didn't say whether anyone has commented on his accent or not, but I'm going to assume at least one native Floridian made him say "Park the car in Harvard yard".

Kate, who moved from New York to North Carolina, wrote "There's one thing that Southerner's don't understand about Northerner's. We value formality." I think she got it exactly right. On a post on her blog she wrote: (note this version has been shortened)

"....while Northerners are time-oriented, southerners are event-oriented.... We ordered coffee, and the dish of creamers was empty. My mother asked the waitress to please bring us some cream. The waitress replied, "I'll go and get it" and then she wasn't until she had our lunches that she brought the cream....a northerner, when they say, "I'll go get it", is implying both an event (getting the creamer) and a time frame (RIGHT NOW), whereas a southerner, when saying "I'll go get it", is only referring to the event, because to them, well, when they go and get the cream, they'll have gotten it, won't they?"

Julie, who has a blog with links to her pictures and poetry (which is really good), is from New Hampshire and now lives in Arizona. Julie thinks I'm homesick. I think she's right.

Maggie responded to my whoring with several facts about Colorado, the state in which she lives. Unfortunately I cannot link her, because she left a bad link.

Opforsoldier moved from Long Island to the midwest. His biggest complaint is "Left lane is for passing, not doing driving in." He also makes a very good point that you can be relaxed no matter where you live. Opforsoldier has a blog about his family and living with a spinal cord injury. His son is sick right now. Send get well wishes.

Dr. Forbush, who has a political blog that can really get you thinking (and got 'Looney Liberal of the Week' award lol), grew up in Ohio, moved to Texas, went to Germany for three years and is now in California. He makes a good point that everyone is rude, some just more up front about it than others.

Kris, who lives in a suburb of St. Louis and blogs about homeschooling her two youngest children wrote"Your post made it pretty obvious you don't like conversation with people you don't know." I have to say that is a slightly distorted version of the truth. It is simply that in New Englanders have a specific way of doing things. It goes something like this:

The First Meeting- There are two steps involved in the first meeting. They can happen in any order, but both have to happen before any intimate life details are exchanged. They are:

The introduction- "Hi my name is dmagnoliad" "Hi dmagnoliad my name is OtherPerson, nice to meet you"and,

The small talk- "We just moved here from Massachusetts" "Oh, we live in Smalltown, it's pretty nice once you get used to it around here"

Then depending on how well the small talk goes, you may decide to move on to

The Invitation- "Let's exchange numbers" or "Do you want to get together for coffee sometime?" etc. If the invitation is accepted, there is

The Second Meeting- Now it is okay to start going in to personal details, but slowly. For instance you SHOULD NOT start talking about your sex life immediately, or your trouble concieving. Also you should not tell the person how they should be more like your local friends or neighbors (like our neighbors did).

Thank you all for commenting and helping me analyze this.

Blogger Jason had this to say:

Thanks for putting in the little comment about me and my site! (I have been slacking on my blog reading). Boy did I get made fun of. Everyone was like say "car" say "hard". It got old. It was especially bad that I move to one of the biggest Redneck counties in FL!

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