Sunday, February 27, 2005
PT test, diets, all things that I don't love

Hero had a PT test Thursday. He passed, as usual. When he got his height and weight done, he weighed 172 lbs. That's good, right? His limit was 174......

Or so he thought.

He got a counseling statement, and had to see the First Sergent. It turns out his maximum weight is...169 lbs! So he's in fat people's PT until the First Sergent decides he can get out.

So Hero's going crazy about all this. He had a promotion riding on that test, and now it's delayed (said promotion going to be given to him 6 MONTHS EARLY if he passed the whole test). I don't think it's a big deal, but he does.

OKAY, no problem, lose some weight, it's only 3 lbs.

It's not that simple. When he goes on a diet, I go on a diet, and G*d knows I need it. I happily supported him for the first few hours, I made the secret-to-weight-loss-taste-free-soup (Weight Watchers Drop diet.), I ate it (EWWWW), and he and I both did well, but ewww!!

I know when he goes to work tommorrow I can eat what ever I want, but I won't, cuz I'm just that honest. We already have big plans for Sunday (which will be the next time we eat).

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