Tuesday, February 22, 2005

What is life?

We are born. We go through childhood and adolesence making memories and developing goals. We grow older, make decisions that best fit with our individual lifestyles, try to support ourselves, and strive for happiness.

But Life is so much more than that, isn't it?

It is waking up next to the one you love and knowing things will be okay for now. It is sunny skies and beaches. It is children laughing, children playing. It is learning, teaching, and growing. It is walks in spring. It is getting dirty. It is falling down and getting up again. It is solving problems. It is starry nights. It is wonderful.


It is being hurt. It is hurting. It is screaming kids and power struggles that last much too long. It is falling, failing. It is a lack of humor. It is moving, settling, moving again. It is trying to keep your head above water. It is unending insomnia and sleepless nights. It is pain.

That may not be your life, but it is mine. Those are some of the topics I may cover in this blog while trying to find some kind of middle ground.


Me- Mrs. Mother of two girls, stay at home mom, army wife, insomniac, narrorator.

Husband- Hero. Father of two girls, active army enlisted, mechanic, daydreamer, video game professional (as judged by himself).

Daughter age 3- Sky. Mommy to many dolls, caretaker of all stuffed animals- no matter how large or small.

Daughter age 2- Moon. Artist, gymnast, master of escape.


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